How Scamming People Shouldn’t be a God

Technology rules, even the very idea of governing our own environment is thusly ruled by the evil deviant that can also be a hero.
I wouldn’t go as far as to call it an antihero. It seems a greater purpose to itself…
As do major search engines. And the ever so popular website design giants.
Numbers don’t lie.
Or do they?
Statistically speaking, 10% of web traffic is derived from a base number. So, however many people look…10% of those people are invested. I did take into effect the possibility of a non divergent integer…simply meaning it is constant. However, in this day in age, if you are creating waves, is there such a thing?
Proper, actual waves. You have organic growth, and paid advertising. I consequently did such a thing for my Facebook page. The abyss of loyalty among authors is as it sounds, quite magical and definitely not a real thing. Thusly to improve my image, I paid, about twice, for proper ads. The result was astronomical, and it is a crowning achievement of mine but I diplomatically gathered a fan base from around the world.
However grand that sounds, it was a difficult choice to make. I did have the funds to pull off my stunt, but I won’t do it again, and here’s why.
It’s what is expected of “freelance” artists. You’re already struggling to make sales, let’s offer you the opportunity to make us richer by actually believing that running ads produces sales. It doesn’t. Word of mouth, loyalty, trust, appreciation, all of that makes sales. You are better off realizing a net worth goes a lot further than selling your prints online.
Step away from the idea of wanting to be rich, because you’ll never be satisfied with the complacency of believing Facebook, Twitter, KDP and WordPress care about YOUR product. They care about their own!
At the beginning of my career, I managed to get tens of thousands of people to a free website (a website with the attached company’s name.) I did not have money to put into marketing. How did I do it? I picked times I knew people would be paying attention-breakfast, lunch and dinner. I kept that in mind anytime I posted on Twitter, especially.
It worked for a while, up until I didn’t have to post anymore. I had organic growth-people viewing my stuff without me summoning them. However, I shifted websites due to financial issues, after being able to pay for a domain. I did not realize I had brought a fanbase with me in doing this.
I hope you just read everything written here, because within it lies what you truly need to make it.
Determination…a plan…skill set, which is simple. And drive…which is completely different from determination.
So I am successful because I could see past my perch. I descended upon what I needed to do by myself, without the help of jealous authors, and money hungry companies (for a time.) When I needed a boost, I got a boost…but I already had a meal waiting for those hungry fans. Running ads for one product, or even just a few will not end well. But what if you had a tiny library, a nice sized gallery and other job titles attached to your resume? It makes for a better experience.
Having learned from my mistakes, and from my successes, I was able to assess when to do something and when not to. I was also business lingo savvy-so I attracted all types, including individuals I needed on board. But I did not pay anyone, by any means after a certain point.
Dedication gets you further than money. The experience itself is more valuable than the revenue-which is important. But knowing your limits (or there lack of) is something to understand as well. You will gain nothing trying to become rich.
How about stepping back and understanding that book sales don’t make you rich? For a time, I chased after this idea because it was spoon fed to everyone. A lot of us got devoured, some of us did the devouring…some of us did the feeding. Which end of the spoon would you like to be on?
I separated myself from others so I could flourish…and it worked. No one should be able to account for your progress…except you.
The choice is yours.

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