Fighting Monsters in My Sleep


We tumbled, we rolled.

We crashed into each other.

It felt amazing, but I was afraid…

That I wouldn’t find another.


Threatened, lonely,
confused and in doubt.

I swallowed your poison, 

and let my soul out.


You lied, then raged,

I was battered, and confused.

And for all the love I gave,

I received very little from you.


So your surge, that storm.

It washed me upon the rocks.

Afraid of further harm

I struggled to the top.


And there stood a man,

drenched just like me.

He held out a hand,

then allowed me to breathe.


When I looked into his eyes,

when I saw the truth.

I begin to see how I

should have never been with you.


Despite how things were,

a new life began.

In the arms of my soulmate.

So much more than a man.


The stars were brighter,

My heart was on fire.

See…he took me higher.

No bowl, weed, or lighter.


And then one day, he said,

“Here, hold my hand.

Not only will I love you,

I’ll show you I understand.”


“That I will never hurt you,

never lead you astray.

Never break your heart.

For an eternity we’ll stay.”


So while you keep blaming the victim,

And not telling the truth.

Assuming that I owe you,

when you’re the one who’s the fool.


Deep down inside I know

what it is I deserve.

That I thought I wasted on you,

with your spoonfuls of hurt.


When the lies didn’t phase me

And the sex didn’t work.

You attempted to hurt me,

with a fake heart on your shirt.


But now your mind is gone,

so this is a reminder for me.

Let the snakes stay where they lie.

And let the monsters be.


© Copyright 2020 JCS

All rights reserved. You may not use or reproduce by any means including graphic, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, taping, or by any information storage retrieval system without written permission of the publisher. The only exception is using brief quotations embodied in critical articles or reviews.


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