Back at Half Capacity


It’s tireless. People are relentless. Seems like pink is pink, when I was sure it was pale blush, maybe even mauve. 

Then you correct the conversation. Situation. Your doom, verbally at least.

Or is it?

You stop yourself before defending the color because you know this will go on all day. The correcting a color the other person isn’t familiar with…thing? In fact, you’re now wondering why you even attempted dressing in such a color that would drum upa ludicrous conversation.

That’s when you realize somewhere down the road, you outgrew each other. This is hard to pinpoint if you’re over the age of 30, as I am.

And so has continued my career climb. I don’t care if you think it’s pink, when it’s mauve. But before I knew any better, I would argue for the truth.

The issue is…perception is just about everything when it comes to any topic. HOWEVER, a warped mind against a fully functioning mind isn’t a fair match. 

If you argue with an idiot, you then become the idiot. 

On your road…do not take time to argue your work. Your product. Your results. Your success. You’ll be stepping off a ladder to help ease the angst of a withering soul. Sometimes, people come into your life in the attempts to keep you from true success.

They could be your husband, cousin, sister, even your mother. If they are not in the position you’re in, and they’ve seen all the amazing things you’ve done…take a step back…look over all the great things you’ve achieved, and walk away from a tireless and relentless fight.



I went on vacation. Right as I did, I was BOMBARDED with requests from people for advice. A few of those individuals were trying to piggyback ride. In all, I decided to ignore everyone because I did say I was going on vacation.

While I was away, I tried to rest as much as I could. I will say that I probably won’t be starting any new projects right away because I haven’t decided which one to work on…and I draw closer to other important things at the moment. More so-expanding. 

I digress, and some of you may breathe now. Forge your own damn path. Mine is taken. 

I will keep everyone updated when things change on my end, until then, expect a weekly/bi-eekly blog.

Be safe, be smart, be wise.

Thanks for reading!

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