Phoenix Rising


It has been about a year and a few months since I’ve done a photoshoot. The last one was titled The Mile High Mermaid, depicting myself as a landlocked sea beauty.

This year, I will be focusing on the “Phoenix Rising.” 

I have been through a lot of things, and I’ve made it through the other side…literally spiraling out.

These photoshoots are done to encourage others to believe in themselves. It is no one’s business what goes on in your head-that is your reality and it must be protected in order for it to flourish.

Many times, we get people who want to change how we feel about things by either throwing bad news at us…or telling us how they feel about what we’re doing. These are all attacks to change your reality…and go along with someone else’s program. When people are allowed to flourish in their own realities-no one is getting controlled or hurt. But, humanity has spent so much time trying to control everyone…that not only does no one know how to use their imagination…it’s seen as obscene and childish.

Tell me this-what was used to control anyone? Someone’s thoughts. And whether you’re ready to agree with this or not…thoughts are heavily connected to the imagination. We’ve taken the word and made it shallow…when it is the thing that allows bad and good things to thrive-within and out of someone’s mind. 

In simpler words…those in charge are telling you not to use your given gifts-but they can use theirs against you.

Fight back! Take charge of your life! It is no one’s decision how your life will go. It never has been and it never will be. 

Enable yourself, heighten your abilities…and soar.

For a very long time, almost everyone I held dear to my heart was trying to change my reality. And while it seemed they were happy, I was miserable and felt very much alone. However, as I got older,  I began to realize that it had only been done in the attempts to stop me as I was heading towards a grand journey that was already written in the stars.

It seems small and unimportant. But there’s been millions if not billions of people allowing someone to change their reality…and they’ve died not knowing or understanding. Which means it was successful. It’s time to put an end to it…because it’s absolute madness. 

It’s madness because it isn’t right or fair. The idea of someone changing every detail of your life with a simple phrase blows my mind. We don’t do it towards a good cause…we do it to hurt, and use.

Only to have to do the same thing over again. But when you plant a good seed…there’s a possibility this person or group of individuals can take that positivity….and make it THRIVE. Then they go out and plant more good seeds. They’re doing it to help people, not to control them.

It sounds fanciful, but it also isn’t being done enough.

You can rise to any challenge. You can defeat the monsters at your door. If you could do neither…your life would be easy…and the monsters wouldn’t have come for you in the first place.

Ready yourselves.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my photos from today’s photoshoot! And as always, thanks for reading!

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