Faking it Ruins Your Future


One of the things I abhor the most is the phrase, “fake it until you make it.”

Why? Why not just work towards your achievements so you have something to show for other than the material gain that really means nothing. 

If you believe owning expensive items makes you successful, you’re an idiot and have clearly been lied to. In order for you to become…”rich” you need to learn why…and earn…why.

Being successful and owning a bunch of labeled garbage are not one in the same. It boggles my mind how stupid people can really be.

But who can blame you? Everything thrown your way has you believing that’s what money buys. Expensive cars, clothes, etc.

I’ve spoken on this before, but, if you don’t have a substantial net worth…the money in your bank account doesn’t mean shit. While it’s nice to have money in your bank account, you’ve been deceived into believing that’s what makes you rich.

Let’s focus on the saying “money to your name.” What do you really think it means? Does it mean the name on your bank account? Or does it mean you’ve invested in yourself? (Please don’t get me started on investments)

Any successful recording artist, for example, owns a trademark that they paid for. In some cases, it is associated with their stage name. This accumulates overtime, and is a bargaining chip for future business deals. Owning the rights to your work keeps you safe, and is a good move if you plan on bettering your future.

The rest of the public thinks these people walk in the room and others throw money at them. I’m sure a lot believe record sales make people rich. While it can contribute, early on…that is not the case. In fact, the amount of records sold is to show an artist’s influence on the public. (The same goes for novels, art, clothes, etc)

All material sales have a percentage an artist can earn. So unless they’ve already paid for a name and made some money moves before hand, you can guarantee they’re living on a breath. Good stability takes time, and longer than you think. 

What you would like to do is allow your trademark to obtain growth. Throttling to get to the top, then withdrawing so you can go on a shopping spree is your personal choice, but it makes you look like a complete idiot. 

Material items exist to make certain individuals feel substantial. That…should come from within. It sounds like an age old saying to keep you from getting the things you want. But I’m sure you didn’t realize that the distraction placed before you are there to keep you from what you truly deserve.

If you spend time “chasing paper”, getting nice cars and clothes, blah blah blah…that’s all you will ever be. That’s all your soul will ever know. Working for yourself…and wisely at that…sets up your future in ways you cannot imagine.

The idea is to build upon a foundation. If you can’t manage to do this…you don’t deserve anything greater than what you already have.

Don’t like it? Sometimes the truth hurts.

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