Properly Manifesting


A family member came across an old article about how the supposed Covid-19 has affected the crops and basically everything we do. Needless to say, we are looking at the beginning of the worst worldwide famine anyone has ever seen, deeming on what some are calling biblical proportions. 

Remember when I asked if you had a plan? Are you ready? It’s already among us. 

It’s obvious this is being done to get rid of a handful of people. It’s cruel, and I hate watching it unfold. On the flipside, I know a lot of people who aren’t doing anything for themselves or anyone around them. While I don’t agree on the method taking place, it is the push and pull of the tides.

The Ebb and Flow of the Universe…being exacted by cruel hearted, and sinister men.

Light will avail again, as is the balance of the Universe. But during these times and prior to, you should always make sure you can sustain yourself.

Mentally, physically…but most of all spiritually. Self love should be at an all time high. If you don’t love yourself enough, you won’t be able to help anyone else…

And you won’t make it.


I had mentioned in a previous blog that we would talk about how to properly manifest. 

I’ll do my best to keep it sweet, short and simple.

You cannot pull from the air a blessing that does not belong to you, you will probably draw in evil forces and that’s the truth. Manifestation begins in the Spirit World before it gets here, so keep that in mind.

Projects start in “the mind” leap from the pen, onto the paper. Well thought out projects allow you to flourish your entire life. Get rich schemes usually boil over right after they are conducted. The reason being is…

That isn’t manifesting, that is quenching a thirst that shall never leave you.

Seems super man made, and Earth like? Priorities are a thing that can help you and your abilities evolve. Most of the people I’ve met lacking in abilities, attempt to manifest by demeaning and deceiving. They typically end up with more trouble than they started with. Why would you want to live a life like that?

The energy you give out is the energy you will receive. Deceiving? Prepared to be deceived? Using? Prepare to be used. Lying? You get the picture.

But loving…wow. Setting the stage for someone else’s future so they can survive? Wow. Setting an example so others can follow? 

It isn’t hard to manifest. I’m not here to take money from you. Be wary of people hosting classes, charging money for your abilities given to you by The Source. They are yours and no one else should be activating them, or using them for themselves.

The most VALUABLE asset you own…is your SPIRIT. Because it gives joy to those seeking to destroy or use you. Your abilities are connected to your spirit…so please consider this.

Learn how to protect yourself. Learn how to protect those you love. Once you start manifesting, people will be attracted to your vibration. I’ve had many a random person try me. I could see through them, past them and knew what they wanted.

And during these times and beyond them, everyone is going to be scrambling to find a way to live. Do not allow anyone into your life that doesn’t deserve to be there. Ys, people need to earn your trust. Because that too…is heavily connected to your spirit, energy and abilities. 

Manifesting is simple and shouldn’t be shared with the entire public-unless there is a result. (A movie, book, art work, etc) Positivity helps it grow, negativity helps you learn from the mistakes you are making…so balance is needed.

Now is definitely the time to practice, to learn, grow and evolve.

I hope this helps. 

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