What Instagram is Really Meant For

In this day and age, everyone is looking to social media to broaden their reach. 

Even if it’s because they “think” they’re beautiful and need reassurance from the public. That includes celebrities, as well. 

*Side note: No one will be safe from this blog.*

Ultimately, it causes a chain reaction. Typical of human nature, but unusual and unnatural. 

No one should ever take delight in belittling anyone because they weren’t able to afford plastic surgery or a brand new pair of high end sneakers. The superficial guidelines that allow Instagram, especially, to flourish…are surviving merely on the aspects of serious insecurity issues from people and celebrities alike. (Not all, but a large sort) 

While it does serve a purpose for some good, it’s really in place for manipulative purposes. 

I use my account for work…(please read that again) and I am HAPPY with my results. I have nearly 120k fans worldwide through a few media outlets, something I achieved without pomp and circumstance. 

Evidently, I did pay for ads on Facebook, I am self made with products and results to show for. Apples to oranges. I own the rights to all of my work.

So everyone who is trying to get ahead has been pegged. You don’t want to be pegged…that ends poorly for you. You are under the impression Brazilian Buttlifts, fake breasts, hair, Gucci and cars (probably all on credit or through demeaning means of gain) are the ticket to happiness. Unless either of these items save you from the plague…or a house fire…I think it’s time to grow up! 

Take a long look at the celebrities with large fan bases. You’ve been fooled into believing ignorance, nudity, brash sexuality, fakery, and deep insecurities are acceptable if you get money for it.

No lessons learned about yourself or loving yourself. Just pay me for playing along. The game you’re playing is not only dangerous, you always lose in the end. Always. Unless…you turn away from the crowd going over the obvious cliff.

Contentment, especially with progress and one’s self…is found within. It cannot be bought, and if it’s being flaunted…you’re looking for approval…which means you’re not happy!

Yes, it’s all a show…and we…the actors. Doing for yourself is much better. The result won’t be as ridiculous as a million or more follows. However, great work doesn’t need to be flaunted. A foundation built in the sand is collected by the sea, day and night. A foundation built on stone will last forever. 

It’s tough to do things for yourself…and in most cases…by yourself. But Instagram, and others like it…are not your mother. They don’t care how you feel or if you fail. Neither do the celebrities dragging everyone down with them…or the companies lying to you to get your money. 

Let’s not get my words twisted…there is bad and good in everything we see, use, touch etc. But allowing something to consume you and change the way you live is oppressive…and put there to hide the bigger picture.

I wonder what that could be?

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