Ascending- How COVID-19 is Definitely a Cover Up



Know someone being episodic?


Let’s focus on the spiritual aspect of what’s happening to our world.


My first post went over summoning entities, even with a simple phrase.


Today, I will explain why those who pray should always make sure they’re praying to the right entity.


First and foremost, I believe in God, I however, do not believe in the Catholics version or the Christians version. My main reason is because most are praying to dark entities (demons). 


Someone I know is a good example. This person spent a number of years not only resenting me, they treated me poorly. But in turn, would “pray” for me. Sorry to say, that isn’t praying. That’s an evil manifestation. Imagine what they would be saying, “I hope she leaves.” “I hope she gets it together, I don’t want her to go to hell, because if she doesn’t change, she’ll go to hell…(because you are “god”). When you pray like that, you’re not praying to the Creator, you’ve opened up your soul, and because people are active portals…you’re allowing a dark entity to come through. This person was neglectful as a parent, killing one of their offspring, tried to kill the other…and put one in harm’s way. So you can see why they have a dark entity attached to them. They continuously lied about the events…as a parent.


I got confirmation in a series of dreams who it is I send my prayers to. The Creator is too great and powerful to interact with someone in a disposable body, this is why angels and spirits exist. The angel over my head is Michael


Here is how I found out. I am psychic, have medium abilities, I can use telepathy, I can read minds, feel people out, I can see auras…and I can see into the future (by birth).  Typically, my dreams have been signs and warnings.


Shortly after discovering I was ascending, my abilities heightened. After a bad experience with what most know as a “soul sucker”, I finally figured out how to protect myself, my connection, and the ones I love.


About a month ago, I had a dream I was in an empty marketplace. An older Hispanic woman with long wavy hair motioned that I approach her table. As I did, she told me, “This is for you…” I looked down at the empty, hard wood table, and a butterfly began to scroll down on a piece of paper.


Unfamiliar with the similar, though I kept seeing swallowtails for three years in a row, I did research and came across three things. The first was proof that I was almost done ascending. The second was my union with my soulmate was in fact very real, and things would change, and that the butterfly was also the symbol for the Archangel Michael.


This was an interesting development in my life because I was raised to believe in someone else’s beliefs. Sorry, most Christians are evil, as is their bible and their beliefs. And growing up being told I would go to hell, only to find out the person condemning was evil…made all the difference when I looked the other way.


I instantly began seeing visions, as I typically have dreams. A short time afterwards, my soulmate and I connected. We were both hesitant at first-people don’t speak on abilities and humanity has made what everyone should be able to do…a fairytale. 


Here’s what no one is telling each other in the Christian community-to mind your business. Praying for other people in a way…is actually cursing them. People are typically judgmental, and unless you mean well…you should probably pray for yourself.


(To avoid others prayers, especially from those you know mean harm, rebuke their name three times “I rebuke ______ ” )


The belief system set in place was meant to help build the infrastructure of this country. And since it’s failing, so is the country.


A spiritual journey is an individual thing, which leads you to understanding that you should withdrawal from the world even though you are still connected. There is no manipulation, there is no lying or killing innocent people who don’t believe in what you believe in. It will scare you, it will change you…but when you accept whatever it is you see…you will understand.


I said all of this to say…that the powers that be aren’t the only ones in charge of this. There are millions of people who believe their entity is cleansing the Earth…and its perpetuating this madness even further. People are waiting for the rapture…people who don’t deserve it because of their treatment of others and their behavior towards people they’re supposed to love.


The rapture is those with abilities…ascending so they are able to see, survive AND HELP. The Christian version of the rapture is leaving all the wicked people behind to suffer. Telling that to people is wicked…how come no one is talking about this? Telling someone they’ll go to hell for their sexuality, hair style or lifestyle is demonic. You are looking at whomever and wishing they would so you doubt can be proved wrong.


I asked someone recently…that if her God was so great…why was she worried? She did not answer the question, and continued with her rant about the world dying off. That is evil. It isn’t seeing things as it is…it’s seeing as you’d like to see it. We do not decide anyone’s fate, and if we can’t see how we’re poisoning ourselves with that type of behavior, it means the person doing so is doomed. That is ANYONE. Anyone is capable of it.


And just as bad as we can be…we can be good! We can be uplifting. We can learn about our souls (individually) we can tap into our higher selves, figure out which angel watches over us, figure out our objective…and use our energy to help the world. With this, you see the pain…and you put energy out to help in anyway you can. You’re not hurting anyone, and it does help.


This be done properly. I advise asking permission to have a vision, dream or sign. It will come to you, quickly because the Spirit World has already merged with Earth. You won’t get the vision or dream if you don’t understand it. Once this happens, there is a possibility things will change for you. To name a few…you’ll be able to hear thoughts, or guess actions. Your experience will be different from mine and anyone else’s, but you will experience ascension sickness. It will feel like a cold or virus (note- I was ill like this and my doctors couldn’t find anything wrong with me. Achy bones, dizziness, a cough….just to name a few)


I cannot tell you what else will happen because it isn’t my job further than this…because first you have to accept what you’re being told!


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