It Isn’t A Virus. How COVID-19 is Definitely a Cover Up

Are you afraid and should you be afraid?
I am not afraid, but I have learned that fear has always been used as a tool. We, as humans, always act like nothing scares us until something creeps out of the darkness and proves otherwise.
You are afraid.
I want you to consider this before you become episodic.
First and foremost, the spirit realm is now here on Earth. It is the main explanation of the quick spreading and life ending “virus.”
It isn’t a virus, it is an entity that has been unleashed upon us.
Firstly, the use of anything that kills or is dead is witchcraft. The use of said thing to create, power or modify is summoning the entity that you’re using.
That goes for oil and for uranium/power plants.
Humans thought they could control both entities by using small amounts. They were successful in steering people…even religious people, away from the truth. If your pastor gave a message on a new car, he summoned that entity. If your religious leaders spoke of money and cell phone use…anything materialistic…they summoned that entity.
Here’s where things get interesting-about 95% of the people delivering religious messages were aware that oil and use of uranium and other similar products are entities. Once you get a crowd to follow you…and they see your nice car, clothes, house, etc…they are seeing that person’s conviction in a lie.
Their fear tactics are telling the masses they’ll burn in hell…and yet they’re not telling anyone the truth.
Let’s go over this again. Uranium causes cancer and in smaller instances, has been known to cause illnesses.
(Read about Pneumonitis –
(Here’s more information-
They’re poisoning us and getting away with it-for now. The hope is that some of us get used to it. And please believe, they think they have a cure for what’s going on.
It’s radiation poisoning and its due to however many 5g towers have been planted worldwide. If you read further into the articles posted, it states that people don’t show symptoms between a few weeks to a few months later.
Here’s what you can do before you begin freaking out.
Ginger. Chamomile. Bananas. Blueberries. Onions, just to name a few.
(Here’s a website with a few more suggestions
Keep yourself informed. DO NOT KEEP WATCHING THE NEWS. The news is geared to spread fear.
This isn’t a virus. It was timed, though. They did the research. How many people suffer from radiation sickness a year due to radiation therapy for cancer treatment? Medical officials keep track of that…and who else keeps track of that? A politician, if need be.
It’s time to prepare ourselves for what’s to come. People are dying (supposedly unexplainably) next, they will enforce Martial Law because people are either mad, tired or just don’t care.
Keep your house sacred. Meditate, discover your soul guard the ones you love. Practice this daily. Learn to not want, and know what you need. Be happy with what you already have.

Fact- Poison moves just as fast as air. So radiation waves would move in a similar fashion. These symptoms cannot be fixed with common cold remedies because it isn’t a cold.
Poison varies in different fashions. Scour the internet and you’ll find the common side effects of radiation poisoning are vomiting and diarrhea. I picked around a little more, looking for radiation symptoms similar to pneumonia…
And stumbled across this. Once the sickness sits in, it is fast moving-another indication that it isn’t a virus.
I will continue to keep you all updated as developments further.
But I can openly say that I called it.

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