The Side Affects- How COVID-19 is Definitely a Cover Up

Here are some facts, and experiences that should go hand and hand with my previous research and blog.


None of this was derived because I do not believe people are getting sick. They are! But not with the common cold.


First and foremost, the coronavirus is the common cold. Your immune system reacts to it ONLY WHEN IT CAN BE AFFECTED. This means you’re eating foods that can cause inflammation, you’re also either consuming alcohol or drugs.


Otherwise, you’ll be fine.


Cross contamination can jump from animal to human, but typically doesn’t spread as quickly as this. The rate individuals are getting ill is astronomical, suggesting there is some fiction to all of it. My research from my previous blog ( suggests that people are falling ill due to a schedule everyone is on-per country. Who would be first to put up 5g towers? The number one super power in the world- China. Other countries followed this, it is the rules of the world.


China is claiming they have everything under control, but people are still getting sick. You also don’t know how true everything really is. Example-how can you track a fast moving virus and assume everything is under control?


You can’t. It’s radioactive waves, not an actual virus.


Here’s some other interesting things for you to mull over.


I’ve been drinking ginger with honey to help with indigestion-which isn’t a side effect of having COVID-19. In fact, it would suggest I have a stomach virus. However, when I take my plaquenil-the first advised drug used to help patients ill with COVID-19…I feel better.


Why? Lupus is caused by radiation exposure. If plaquenil helps me with lupus AND the COVID-19…it isn’t a virus OR A DISEASE!


Clearly, I’ve been poisoned and there isn’t a thing I can do except manage my diet. 


Did you catch that? The drug used to “kill” COVID-19 is also used to help Lupus (and was originally used to help Malaria and can help those with Diabetes type 2 )


I would like to argue how that’s wrong, but it isn’t. It is very clear that people are actually being poisoned, considering how fast people are catching it…and dying.


Here’s another little tidbit. Since everyone has coronavirus in their system-like getting the chickenpox or flu…the tests are a cover up. Almost every test is going to pop up positive.


Want a little more? When outside, I cannot breathe and have to return home. Only something poisonous in the air could affect anyone in that type of way. Have you noticed the sun is still hazy, though there is barely any traffic? Have you been having bad dreams?


None of what health officials or politicians are saying is adding up. First, masks don’t help. Now they do. An infectious virus wouldn’t shut down entire cities…but radiation poisoning would. Because everyone could get sick. EVERYONE.


So, staying in your house may help. Unfortunately, not filtering your body as much as possible will lead you to becoming ill anyway. The majority of people who are dying are old and infirmed, which suggests poor diets, and bodies that regulate on much needed medication. When taking meds, a lot are eating whatever they can. Some may never eat correctly.


But if you find someone who eats healthy, there is a lesser chance poison would affect them. In fact, they may feel it coming on but will be able to treat it properly.


The next biggest issue is the ongoing waves being sent out from the 5g towers. I guarantee those who are orchestrating this are taking plaquenil, thinking it’s their miracle drug. I want to assume they thought they’d gotten away with it.


Using poison to treat poison will kill you. Which is why I recommended consuming fruits, vegetables and spices that have anti-inflammatory powers. This safe guards you better than what any doctor can write up and prescribe to you.


There is a wide range of foods that will help, so I recommend you take full advantage of them.




I can openly share that it will be denied until whomever is behind it ends up in their grave. 


My hope is that I can show everyone that it’s time to open your eyes.

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