Why Manifesting for Yourself is More Important Than Ever


Times are visibly crazy, though times have always been as such. The news wreaks of insanity, attacks, a supposed virus…but hardly the truth.

One of the reasons I prefer to turn away from the news media is due to the fact that alongside the story…is a choice pushed upon you.

I speak often on the idea of fear being used as a tool to control the masses-but we seldom speak on ignoring it while creating and maintaining your own reality.

How you feel about your life determines the outcome-NOT WHAT SOMEONE ELSE SAYS. It doesn’t work like that, it never will. 

I believe the ability to manifest was taken away from us for control purposes. And of course, was deemed as “witchcraft” or evil to find ways to live your life to the fullest without a kingdom or governments say.

So, today, I will give you a simple example of mind control…and an extensive version.

The simplest form has fallen apart…and that is the religions built up in the course of about two thousand or more years. There are too many to name, so we will focus on Christianity.

You’ve been told if you “sin”, you will go to hell. This caused those following to look down upon EVERYONE. I am a firm believer in Karma. So if you feel a certain way towards someone for no reason other than the fact that you were told what they do…in their own lives is wrong…you’re actually doing worse than just minding your own business.

The Universe acts and reacts on its own. Thusly, it does not need your help in deciding what’s right or wrong. I prefer to allow The Source and The Universe to flow and ebb without my consent, and guess what? Things work out perfectly.

If you knew what people were capable of, especially those with abilities…it would bother you if you decided no one could have the right to choose for themselves. That…is fear. So those in power, pulling the strings, creating religions and fakes deities…are afraid.

Here’s how manifesting works (a little further). You walk outside and mention how cold it is, you will be cold-you suffer. It angers you. You’re miserable. You hate it.

Or, you walk outside and say, “Good thing I have a coat, gloves with a hat and scarf.” You realize you’re not only comfortable, you’re warm…and your day will probably be great. Notice the difference. You are accepting the good and bad all at once, which has created balance in your life.

It is a constant thing you have to do, but it works. The other scenario is literally how everyone lives. I have been in that group because I was taught to think like that. That life was hard, there was no possibile positive outcome-except to die and go to heaven.

Heaven and hell are states of mind…and your soul. Using drugs is a good example…and allows me to not have to further explain myself.

Heaven (Nirvana, Paradise, The Other Side) is of pure bliss. But it’s up to you to decide if you’ve made it to heaven or not. Don’t take the idea someone else has created and assume that’s all there is. There’s more to life than what you think.

So, a simple conclusion-hell is believing things are bad and can get worse…that there is no solution…and you believe it-YOU MANIFEST IT. Heaven is the opposite mindset, you manifest that as well. 

You’ve been told to follow orders from someone’s point of view of The Creator…let that sink in for a minute. Your outcome is totally up to you.

Here is an extensive breakdown of mind control.

Someone says, “A war has started.” You are nowhere near the epicenter, but you are afraid. You take measures to insure you and your family will be safe, and they are afraid as well. People are losing jobs, dying of disease as young men are shipped off to war.

Everyone is afraid, or angry. There’s fighting, there’s dying. Yet, no one seems to question what’s really going on. 

A few years into the war, you see the monetary “system” has failed your country. How? Banks are dragging citizens through the dirt, companies are shutting down…you’re still alive watching all of this.

A few more years go by and things have gotten a little better…but you’re afraid of what you saw…that you yourself didn’t actually experience. Your kids grow up with anxiety disorders towards just about everything.

Soldiers are injured, dead or have SERIOUS mental and emotional complications that will last a lifetime.

But those in power seem unmoved.

What if I told you that it no longer works? In order to pull off a successful plan, EVERYONE has to believe it. Not the right people, whomever that may be. In order for schemes, genocides and anything else terrible you can think of…everyone has to be afraid and moving towards the slaughter house. 

When this tactic wears out, it means the reign of bullshit is over. Those pulling the strings seem to forget that people are capable of making choices and changing the lives of those around them positively without lifting a finger. I don’t wish to control anyone, I wish to empower you. It is your choice, not mine. The result of your choice is none of my business…or anyone’s.

I hope this made sense to you, but we’re not done!

I’m noticing that people are looking for others who may have abilities or want to change their life. Stay away from these individuals. Monetary gain is not a way to insure or sustain something that doesn’t need your help. So, people who are tarot readers down to those holding cleansing classes…are trying to make a quick buck. That is the age we are in. I lived an entire year without money and have everything I needed. When I needed money, I manifested funds without ripping people off, lying or stealing. 

Be cautious. We are in the age where the Spirit World is very much here. So a lot of these classes set up by the “Awakened”  may be used to attach themselves to you. There is a such thing as a soul sucker. That is not something you want if you are inexperienced or not as strong as myself and others. Your spiritual journey is your business…and you will awaken and ascend on your own time!

Not everyone will awaken and ascend. Some of our present day spiritual leaders have not awakened or ascended and actually do not have permission to send messages from the Spirit World. Step carefully, and ask for guidance!

And remember that manifestation isn’t hard. Be mindful of what it is you create and how it will thrive. Move in silence!

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