The Aurora


Have you ever had someone throw out personal items?

What about art or music? That was the story of my life for about two years! I know people do this because they enjoy hurting others. I tried my damnedest not to be upset. To be honest, I would get mad at times.

Today, I realized the two pieces I treasured the most from my pencil work…were saved on Instagram. They are slightly cropped…but to recover something I was proud of has brought me some more healing. 

One piece featured was my idea of Ayuka Seneyaka from Erin Bailey is a Time Lord. The reason behind my attachment to this character is solely because of her split love for her family and for Demetri…and her sacrifice for the greater good. 

I drew that sitting in jail, waiting to go home. And for those who didn’t know…I partially finished Erin Bailey in jail…and while I was homeless. 

So having someone throw out something you completed at your lowest point…but to have moved past that and land a film…

I’m conflicted on whether I should thank them or laugh in their face! 

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