Aug 26th Reading-Perception


What an interesting selection of cards for today!

This is all speaking about realizing what you’re shown may not be as real as you think…and how you control and manifest your own reality.

I mean…you do have an imagination and thoughts, correct? 

This is so important for today because of the terrible truths creeping out of the shadows. We have long been taught imaginations are simply childs play.

While we’re living through, literally, someone else’s imagination…we lost sight of what we’re capable of. I’m here to tell you how can change that for yourself…and how that affects the world!

Miracle tells us anything is possible because anything is possible! There is no directive for separate imaginations, though we are all connected. It means you build your own world-and you can do anything!

Perception supports this thoroughly. Just as much as something seems bad and could be, the same goes for the great and good. 

Lastly, Coherence brings this all together, confirming your capabilities and mine, allowing us to see that we can create separately but exist together as a whole. 

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