Transmuting Negative to Positive


These times are dark…

Or are they?

Your life can be whatever you want it to be. The realm of possibilities is endless. But we’ve been told the imagination is meant for child-like behavior.

Firstly, most people will be who they are at birth. Your growth and societal evolution should never be compared to the other. Society dictates how people should act, an obvious mechanism for crowd control. Though you may always adore periwinkle, and hate chocolate milk…your spirit grows constantly.

This isn’t the determining factor of age. There is a deep knowledge that reincarnation is in fact a real thing. Despite what the western world has tried to do to our brains and free will, some of us are very old souls. 

Some are as old as the universe, while others may only be a few millennia. 

Before we run away with the truth behind that, I want to focus on how to manage your reality.

This is how it works, and don’t let anyone else tell you differently. It is only real if you’re willing to accept it. That’s right. You can change the course of things with one simple thought. Someone sees several feet of snow, you see a snow storm. Someone sees a burden being born, you see an absolute blessing.

Someone sees a new world order, you see it failing before it begins.

The idea is to take the negative and transmute it to positive. 

It isn’t an illusion.

This is war.

I know, it sounds mystical. By now, though, I hope my audience understood that metaphysics go hand in hand with what we know. It always has and always will. Spirituality comes into play with that as well. Here are a few easy ways to practice transmuting dark to light.

It isn’t evil, and you won’t get a brand new car. You will receive your due blessings from the Universe, because transmuting negativity for any reason means you’re putting out positive vibes into existence. 

Both negative and positive vibes exist on the same plane for a reason. A lot of this is a test, some fail, some pass. Some become stagnant-not necessarily neutral. Lost, like in purgatory.

Why do you do it? There is always a solution to a problem. You know right from wrong. It feels a certain type of way. Don’t do so because it sounds like a good idea. Don’t do so because you’re looking for praise.

Like I said, this is war.

At night, I keep a handful of glowing gold orbs spinning in my house. Because I myself am light, have abilities and have been told I am very strong…I am a magnet. BUT…only when I leave myself open. (Lesson number one?)

I had stumbled across the absolute despicable news surrounding our world as we know it today. Those of you reading my blogs are familiar with my breakdown of what covid19 really is. The other information I came across probably doesn’t need to be shared.

I thought so deeply on t….I was so disturbed by it…that I left myself wide open for an attack. I felt the attack coming. As I laid in bed, bidding my soul mate good night, I kept wondering what I could do to prevent it. 

Originally, I used a simple bubble. However, this evening proved it wasn’t enough. Everytime I dozed off, I felt it pressing through my bubble. I even tried changing the color to that of my aura. Once I finally fell off to sleep, and felt comfortable, I was attacked.

When I sat up and tried to calm myself, it was to no avail. My soul mate kept calling out my name, asking me if I was okay. I spent the remainder of the early morning hours talking to him to calm down, until I could fall asleep.

Then I went back to the drawing board. What had I done wrong?

Well, I fell asleep thinking about the absolute worst thing imaginable, just about. I didn’t properly protect myself, which probably included my children as well.

Recently before this, I had been playing with different colors I could use. My aura is rose (deep pink) and that did not work. My bubbles were translucent, again, it wasn’t enough. But when I used gold one evening while protecting my home.

I wondered if using the orb mentioned above would help ward off the demons that kept entering my home, and more than likely attacking more than me.

Yes. In fact, since that decision…I’ve slept better than I have in years.

How is it done?

Your handy, dandy imagination.

You should always place a barrier, armor or bubble around yourself. I bubble all four of my kids now, with golden, glittering light, which I also use for armor (so gold armor, glittering bubble). My second step is to shield my house. My third step is to place bright, white, glowing barriers around where we sleep. With this, I create domes, and reinstate them when I feel something isn’t right. 

This should be done by feeling…not the news. Not even if someone says to you something isn’t right. Do this by your intuition. Practice makes perfect.

Remember that negative thoughts leave you open. Yes, I am suggesting to keep your mind off of…or find something else to think about. The Spirit Realm is here, and things are happening a lot quicker. 

But as much as darkness is running rampant. So is light.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Simon says:

    I like your message, much needed 🙂

    1. The Gorgeous Nerd says:

      Glad you think so! ❤

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