The school systems (have been) are failing. Our monetary system, to be frank, means nothing now. And our economy is crumbling.

What could it be? Do you know why?

I do, and as an ascendant being, it’s actually my job to tell you. The “world” as we’ve known it is coming to an end.

The bad news-

Not to sound like a saint, but any bad deeds you’ve done in the past, and are continuing to do means things may not end well for you. If things just got harder, and you can’t catch a break, look around you. No one is innocent when it comes to hurting, using or abusing others. 

Karma works in a matter of minutes now. Have you noticed? The turn around is interesting, but bothersome. 

The good news-

It isn’t too late to turn things around for yourself. However, do so because you mean to change…not so you won’t perish.

For those of you who have tried your hardest at being the best you can be, this is your age to shine.

Some of these individuals I speak of may possibly be an ascendant being as well…some may not. While that doesn’t matter as much, a good deed is a good deed. 

It’s important to focus on honing your abilities. By transmuting negative to positive. By manifesting. By spreading good deeds. By teaching others what you learn. 

But do so because it is on your heart.

During my younger adult years, I always questioned the actuality behind the bible. I then found out when I was older that I was right. 

Truth means transparency. Neither your truth or mine should withhold the absolute. It’s obvious what transparency means. But, when you take something meant to be helpful, and it is then only half the truth…it is still a lie. A lot of religious people are coming to terms with that. 

The world is unraveling, and I am so glad. My heart was in pain that seemed it would never cease, until this year. The upheaval we are experiencing is needed.

I will be blogging a lot more on these topics to help those who need a guide. 

The best way to keep yourself protected, as things will continue to get worse…is to practice creating a barrier made of light. Whether it be your home, you, or your children. It needs to be done, day and night. 

It’s easy. You’ll be manifesting light. Imagine a shiny, golden bubble or barrier around you, your home or your loved ones (individually is stronger than all together.) Simple as that. Ask your protector angel for protection. If you are aware of your higher self, ask both your angel and higher self for protection. And of course, ask the Creator for protection as well.

The universe will hear you.

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