Sept 13th-19th Reading- Remember, Remember

As we edge closer to the autumnal equinox, things may seem hazy or a bit off. Trust your instincts more than your eyes, and remember to stand your ground.

Earth was drawn to remind us of our connection…how in no way is it man made. Take some time to reflect on pretty things-falling leaves or those beautiful, autumn chrysanthemums. Why? You are one in the same. Connected, but different. Helping, and ever changing. 

Next is the Throat Chakra. This is one of my favorite aspects of sacred geometry, and especially when it comes to speaking up. Though things are changing, people will press harder to keep you bound, down and out. Take a subtle approach, but let it be known you will be heard. It is okay to express yourself in a mature manner. 

Lastly, we have Merkabah, which intertwines all cards and brings this reading to a close. The autumnal equinox is next week. There will be a major shift in energy, and you can work this in your favor by reminding yourself who you are. Where you came from and what you’ve been blessed with. If you were small or meaningless, you wouldn’t be under attack!

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