End of Sept Reading-Knowing That You Can Transmute


We’ve almost made it through a full week of autumn! 

Have you noticed any exciting changes in your lives? I have! I hope you continue to do so. This week’s reading is about transmuting negative to positive!

Magic isn’t just the result, but the power behind the results. Embrace your capabilities and understand anything is possible. 

Alchemy reminds us what we can do isn’t new. While two makes better than one, remember that in order to achieve anything…you have to first believe in yourself. Transmutation doesn’t necessarily mean from one body to the next. It could mean changing dark to light, especially at a time like this. 

Lastly, Crown Chakra ties this reading together. You are gifted because of your acceptance and connection to the Source. Once again, anything is possible. Manifest what you want and need in this life. And then, show others how as well. 

One Comment Add yours

  1. Simon says:

    I haven’t noticed anything too exciting…. but definitely a weird day yesterday.

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