Low Vibrating BS


It is mind boggling to me why we put so much effort into seemingly soulless people.

More over, it is probably because we get duped into arguments and meaningless conversations because that’s how these people operate. If they can’t get what they want from you, they try to claim you’re being unfair.

Certainly not true, especially if you’re doing nothing wrong.

Let me open your mind to this. Though it isn’t my decision on the outcome of someone’s bad deeds via their soul, I will tell you in confidence…that if you’re a piece of shit and have no intent in changing…I (you or anyone else) has to put up with anything.

If you’ve spent time opening up your heart, home and life to someone only for them to use, descrate and try to play the victim at the end…FUCK THEM.

Excuse my language? We’re al adults here. Life is meant to shape and mold you for what you may become. By the time you’re 25, in most cases, you have an idea what you want in life.

I do understand the circumstances changes this. Like drug use, alcohol abuse. Abuse, in general. But know that everyone has something they’ve done…or something has been done to them that tripped them up.


I don’t want to be bothered with anyone who can’t get past things that have happened to them. The same goes for people who don’t want to get help for addictions and hang ups. No one has time for your bullshit, including you!

At the same, you can say it until you’re blue in the face, and it won’t sink in with certain people. Which is why I said…keep it pushing. When we start moving in different directions, and yours is into another circle because you’ve decided not to actually put effort into you life…

It means you’ve made that choice. Don’t get mad if I don’t agree with your bullshit. You can’t get mad if I don’t want to be bothered. I don’t have enough grace left in my heart to stoop to anyone’s level anymore because they’ve decided not to try. 

If you have done well for yourself, if you can see shit for what it is. If you’ve molded into a brighter individual from the pain you’ve experienced and caused…no…you have no business helping someone who doesn’t want to help themselves. It’s not your job, it never was.

Their life and outcome is a result of their choices, actions and thoughts. Has absolutely nothing to do with you. You stay in your lane and do you. Sounds like a catchy rap lyric, but it’s the truth. You can’t save someone who doesn’t want to do right.

Arguing, yelling, blaming…and they’ve always been wrong…it’s their way of trying to get you on their level. They’re low vibrating and know they have no business saying anything at all. My best advice is to disengage. They’re a tortured soul, scraping and clawing for help, but rejecting true relief. 

I’ve learned to surround myself in gold light because no matter how much better I can be, someone likes to remind me how shitty they are. 

Facts of life. 

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  1. Simon says:

    It has to be said… you said it 🙂

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