To the Beat


I am slowly getting back to work, and have started editing and laying out Anguished Immortals, Book Three: An Angel’s Pride and Angst.

During this time, I’ve stumbled across a song that I am unashamedly in love with. Thanks to a new friend ❤ 🙂

As I listened to the track, I realized a certain scene from my favorite series fit perfectly with it.

I’ll share more as we go along (for copyright reasons) But I can share that the novel is Bleeding Stars and Paper Hearts: Adrianna is Mine.

As some of you know, Erin Bailey is a Time Lord is in the process of becoming a film (a daunting, nerve racking task…but I digress) So, in my mind, I am preparing myself to convert other novels that I know will do well,  into scripts here in the near future. This will definitely include the first novel of Bleeding Stars and Paper Hearts.

The Dirty Deities, possibly my favorite gem, will become the second film that follows Erin Bailey. There is a song that fits the action sequence I featured as a preview so well, I can envision in my sleep! The novel itself is no doubt my best work, though I have other projects lingering to be finished.

The art then speaks the volume of my work. I thoroughly enjoyed the entire project, which took me about two years to complete.

Erin Bailey was completed over the course of nearly four years. I yo-yoed between self publishing and a “traditional publisher,” and though numbers did well for the novel, self publishing salvaged my dignity.

Anguished Immortals, Book Three is the crown jewel of that series, with more of Azrael’s back story, as well as any deity known to man. In fact, after further research throughout my years, I come to find the story isn’t too far off. 

It picks up, literally in the middle of nowhere. Azrael is at his wits end-he is fallen and still has to save everyone. As the story unravels, it reveals the actuality of everything, though there is a silver lining.

There isn’t much art to accompany this novel, so it may be a priority. The book cover is sensational, and was done at a time when I was still learning digitally illustrated pieces. Add ons to the app I used began to increase as I furthered my career. There’s a lot that I can do now, and the best part is…I can still illustrate (the old school way…from start to finish)

Recently, I remembered that the script for Erin Bailey got accepted by the film academy. Like…last year. In order to raise investors for a film…the script has to be accepted (ie to be eligible for awards and to be shown at festivals). I also want to say for content, and to insure the work is actually yours…among other things.

Things haven’t been rough, but I have so many people being negative towards me…it was almost an epiphany I needed to remember. No one had to tell me what to do once I started working, so having to deal with people who do nothing but hurt others rubbed me the wrong way.

My work doesn’t make me invincible. Neither does the result.

The fact that I don’t give up…makes me invincible.

There’s no other way to express that. 

As always, thanks for reading! Let’s hope I can get this novel out this month!

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Simon says:

    I hope you get the novel out – I also hope people stop being negative to you 🙂

    1. The Gorgeous Nerd says:

      Thank you, Simon. I appreciate it.

      1. Simon says:

        You’re welcome 😀

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