Oct 12th-18th Reading- Child like Creative!


Though times seem dark, it only is that way if you truly believe it is.

Yesterday, someone made a point to say how bad everyone will suffer. Instead of getting upset, I simply replied, “maybe for you or anyone else who believes that. You can’t decide that for me. Or anyone else.”

This is the world we used to know. Now let’s focus on today’s reading! 

Prosperity doesn’t necessarily mean money. Account for ALL that you have. Shoes, food, transportation, love. Prosperity reminds us to include everything. This is oftentimes not even the material! It can’t be touched-or taken away. 

Emergence is a great way to throw your imagination in someone’s face! Watch a child play and you’ll see what I mean. That type of attitude manifests and creates in abundance! No, you can’t be told what’s real…or what you should be doing. It isn’t up to anyone else.

Lastly, Dynamic pulls everything together, perfectly. Manifesting requires acceptance-and not of man made idealisms meant to keep us grounded. Understand and respect the layers of reality and other traverses, though. All is needed. But you are calling the shots. You’ve always been able to.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Simon says:

    We need to keep calling them shots! 🙂

    1. The Gorgeous Nerd says:

      Haha, yes we do 😊

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