Update for Anguished Immortals


Just when I thought I had the hang of everything again! 

The release date for Anguished Immortals: An Angel’s Pride and Angst has been changed to October 30th 2020.

I’ll be honest, I wasn’t editing as I should have been, but, I have a lot going on! No surprise. 

I am trying to get a feeling for the work I was doing beforehand as well, because my vacation is over 😂 I am deeply considering doing more art for this novel, as the book cover is the only piece!

If I do, it’s definitely going to be epic!

This novel shows the true prowess of my writing. I took myself out of my element, and in a way I grew up. I wouldn’t know how much until I wrote Bleeding Stars and Paper Hearts. I was afraid of writing outside of the terrible and constricting religious beliefs laid upon me during my youth. My writing helped break me out of the barriers, and see life for what it really is.

After releasing the third novel from my first completed series, I will finish a project from many idling projects. I haven’t decided which one, though previous blogs suggested I did…(ha!)

It’s all still in my head, so, no worries.


I am watching writers go through the same things over and over again. I am wondering why so many people think selling novels gets you rich…? Where did this ideology come from? I can guarantee that it won’t play out like that. 

Instituting, perhaps, a legacy is better. Influence. Great work. Knowing that becoming a bestselling author really doesn’t mean anything. I’ve experienced greater success with only one book landing itself at #10 for the genre it’s in. 

So, we’ve taken what used to be an art…and we’re using it to compete. The only person you should be competing with is yourself. It would make for better literature….and you’d learn a lot more about yourself along the way.

No one seems to be interested in this because it doesn’t get them rich, and since we’re talking about it, these are the same individuals who speak poorly of the rich. Going off of the idea that rich people are cruel because they’re too stupid to see that they’ve been lead astray.

The only thing that’s changed in my life…is that people treat me more like a commodity than ever. At first, I didn’t like it. I let it get to me. It was coming from all sides, and no…I wasn’t ready. People in my family weren’t taking my career seriously until integers became involved. My ex told me to sell my rights (um….no) and people started popping up from out of nowhere, trying to cling on to me.

Your life is your own, as is mine. The things I’ve seen, the things people have said and done was truly mind boggling.

Then one day, I woke up and…and said out loud, “it doesn’t matter.” Because it doesn’t. Besides, my career is far past others scope for reasons I’d never be able to explain. That goes for anyone, though. The idea is to be comfortable with yourself…so what someone else is doing doesn’t matter. At all.

As always, thanks for reading! I hope you have a wonderful week!

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