What to do During a Retrograde


Waking up Tuesday, we all ignored the ever growing intensity of the moment. I did my usual routine…woke up. Coffee, Stretching. Confusion. 

Then I sat down, and POP! My left knee twisted itself out of place, then popped right back in. I was in a great deal of pain, and shook it off as a possible error in movement.
I am thirty-three years old, afterall.

A few hours later, I dropped one of my favorite coffee cups from the shelf of my closet. I said, “Clearly, we are cleaning house here…” I ignored that too.

I ignored that until someone I’m talking to (<3) twisted their ankle. Of course, I was more worried than skeptical. 

The following day, without further detail, continued this onslaught of madness. It was absolutely…the most bizarre week I’ve experienced in a while. His was far worse than mine, and it actually rocked me to the core.

Say it with me, “What the hell is going on!”

Friday wasn’t as rough for me, but I cannot speak for the other person. As mentioned before, much more going on. I did happen to piece together…that breaking, losing or experiencing loss and extreme change means you’re making room for new things. Change is painful, but I’m not perfect. I’m still learning, and will always be learning.

It wasn’t until today that it finally struck me…yet…added up to what I concluded. 

Mercury, bless it’s tiny, overly heated soul…is in retrograde. Like an obvious domino effect, everything that occurred this week…whether you’re me, him…or anyone else…that is why this week was…

Well. Shitty.

Here are some helpful tips for those of you struggling with it. Because you have until November 3rd for this Scorpio led Mercury retrograde to stop it’s nonsense.

New Relationships-

Pump the breaks! Or at least, take a breather. Especially if you fell down a case of stairs, or the skin on your nail bed is split. You may possibly be stretching yourself thin!

The best thing to do…is concentrate on you. Ultimate Me Time should definitely be a shirt, meme, mantra…all that.

If you’re typically an easy going person, I’m pretty sure you exposed the world to your colorful vocabulary this week!

First and foremost…MEDITATE! You will make it through this retrograde without doing so…but because of the shifting poles, the thin veil and the absolute madness surrounding us…it’s best you find some time to meditate.

Which means speaking sparsely with your new sweetheart. You will feel the shift when things will alleviate, but for the moment…don’t be another issue for them to face (especially if they feel they can’t solve it)

If you’re looking to date…it’s going to be immensely hard to “lock” someone down. If you’ve found someone to date….communication is going to be very, very sparse for the next couple of weeks.

My advice is to message them daily, sparingly, and keep it sweet. “I hope you have a good day!”

“I hope this day goes well!” “Hey, good morning! Conquer the day!”


Overloading someone with how your day is going…and they’re going through issues themselves may very well end things prematurely for you. It is a lesson in patience and compassion. Touching base through trying times keeps you and them fully on the forefront of the mind. You need not do anything, really. 

Especially if you have something similarly established.

Wait out these next couple of weeks if you’re single or not talking to anyone. You’ll regret getting tangled with someone only to be ghosted…or be the apparition yourself. It’ll only gain you bad karma in the long run.

Present Relationships-

Take a deep breath and think before you speak! This goes for family members, married couples, newly weds…ALL THAT. 

These times are already trying as it is, ways to make it worse are reacting without thinking. Pain roots itself deep, so let little things go. 

It is insane that this retrograde falls during the very fragile weeks before one of the most important presidential elections. I do not believe in coincidences, therefore, treading carefully will help everyone.

Now is a great time to meditate as much as you possibly can. I cannot force anyone to do something they haven’t done before, but I highly recommend you consider it for your own good.

Now is also a good time to find ways to encourage others. You would be placing karma into your jar of infinite universe awesomeness (needs to be a shirt as well). Why? Not so much that you’ve got a good seat when you get to the good place, but more so because people need encouragement in times like this. 

It will be absolute chaos, so blogs I’ve previously written will be posted at the end of this passage to help you prepare yourself and those you care about. 

I also recommend practicing the use of “light armor.” 

Imagine yourself encapsulated in gold, shiny armor. You’re going to need it. I would do this, especially at night. You can also surround your home and loved ones with these shields as well. It is renewable energy, and it makes a huge difference. Sometimes, messages get mixed up because someone doesn’t want the message to be clear. Now is definitely not the time to fall victim to attacks. 

Everything is going to offend us, or upset us. Use your abilities to sort through what you’re feeling. Or, if you feel that you’re possibly offending someone…think about what you’re doing that may be causing a little grief. 


Compassion as a result of confusion or miscommunication. Instead of insinuating someone is jealous or weak…this is a time to remember that things may be off for them as well. 

Communication is key.

I typically use someone’s star sign to understand them, but during retrogrades…everyone is basically the same. No one has the ball in their hands-unless they decide to.

So. Take a step back. 

If your partner is loyal, don’t assume they’ll cheat.

If the person you just started dating started off great before this retrograde…chances are when this is over…they’ll be the same person. It’s up to you to decide if you’re going to allow a shift in the stars to change how you really feel.

This will definitely be a test to everyone experiencing something right now. It’s actually a test…will you make it through?

You’re thinking…yes…but this year has been terrible.

Has it?

I can tell you I haven’t experienced any hardships…I’ve seen things coming upon the horizon and I have decided how my day, or week will go. It will only be as bad as you make it.

Business Deals, Loans, Large Purchases-

Don’t do it unless you absolutely have to. Read the fine print, ask questions…but most of all…

Be patient. You may be on top of your game, but the new partner or banker may be having a bad day. Remind yourself of all the amazing things that brought you to that point, and acknowledge then ignore the negativity showing it’s ugly face.

My best advice is to take things slow…so there aren’t any mix ups. If something doesn’t feel right or seem right-it probably isn’t.

Lastly, it isn’t the end of the world. Now is the best time to consider what else can be done. Avoid backtracking, you’ll only end up blaming yourself or someone else for nothing.

And try to remember…it’s Mercury Retrograde.

Here are a few blogs to help you out through these trying times!-




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