Oct 19th-25th Reading – Butterflies!


Aside from studying books, passages and other’s experiences…the best way to learn is hands on.

Because of my sign(♈), I am connected to the Solar Plexus. The most interesting fact about the function of the Solar Plexus is our ability to sort of matters of authenticity. Meaning…how real someone is or if they’re lying to you. 

In my younger years, I ignored those butterflies. And, yes, I just recently found out that heartburn, even that nervous rumble we get when dealing with matters of the heart are all associated with the Solar Plexus. 

It actually wasn’t until last week that I realized a calm in my storm. Because I have finally come across something authentic. I won’t dive further into that, but the next time you’re debating how true someone is being…it’s best to just trust your gut. 


Today’s reading speaks of following plans through to prove a point to yourself. Let’s not focus on what others believe. In a lot of cases, someone else’s disbelief in your capabilities is a greater disbelief in themselves.

The Throat Chakra is asking us to speak up. Silence can kill a situation, and anger can burn it to the ground. But a sound response is all that’s needed to show someone the actuality of something.  

With Coherence showing itself in, this a chance to remind ourselves what we’re capable of. Yes- someone is set in place to challenge your reality. (Its really none of their business) but your destiny…life…and reality are a matter of what you’re willing to construct yourself.

Solar Plexus rounds this reading off quite well. It is a reminder that you have the ability to decide your fate, and the ability to choose wisely. Trusting your instincts is more real than people understand or realize. 

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