New Art Progress!


I haven’t been this excited about illustrations since finishing and starting The Dirty Deities portraits, last year!

I said I’d start on new art for Anguished Immortals- An Angel’s Pride and Angst and I did just that. 

The series is definitely the underdog when it comes to my other works. The Dirty Deities easily outshines it-but only in my mind. After editing the entire series this year, I realized how amazing it is. Afterall, it was my first shot at a completed series to begin with. After The Dirty Deities, it’s tied between Bleeding Stars and Paper Hearts, and Erin Bailey is a Time Lord, which will be a motion picture film soon. 

The third novel to this series is probably the most epic, as it should be. I believe the second novel, Zerachiel’s Seed, is on the top of my list as well. Azrael, one of the main characters, takes a dramatic twist in his life that leads him to questioning more and more about his existence and his role in the universe. 

It’s actually a very good start to my career, and had only realized it until this year. I specialize in beings and metaphysics and hadn’t realized it! 

The art is amazing! It reached over 1,000 viewers between my TikTok and Snapchat account. For my art work especially, it’s slightly unheard of because people are picky with what they like. A lot of individuals are more into fandom art, which actually hurts original creatives more than people realize. They see something they can’t get enough of, real artists see regurgitation, bullshit and yes…a nuisance. 

Why? When the human mind can expand, we all expand. But when the human mind is fed the same bullshit…constantly and it is then encouraged…we don’t thrive. Creativity helps create the world and universe as we know it. And while I think it’s charming to copy and paste things one likes, it’s also time for more and more creatives to take a stand against the tyranny of unoriginality. It’s a disease and the best way to deal with it is to spread light. 

I see so many underrated artists and novelists that it really makes me want to scream. While my reasons and understandings are beyond your comprehension, I can say it as simply as I can.

It is done for control purposes. The less you see, the less you grow. That isn’t a good thing. While the growth of your higher self is up to you, you should take into affect the authenticity of stories you devour, as well as art and even fashion.

Repetition keeps things alive for everyone else but the consumers. We treasures our twenty dollar finds that fall apart only month later…and then we pretend to not care or act like we understand that we’re being controlled.

Food for thought.

I thoroughly hope you enjoy my art as much as I do!

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