Ever Growing Inclusion

From the top, clockwise- Azrael, Dashan, Kasim, Asha, and Enyo

Excited is an understatement!

The art for Anguished Immortals came out wonderfully! I am very proud of myself!

This adds to my collection, and allows me to move more freely with my work, which includes promotions, book covers, tapestries-you name it! I am a big fan of original content, especially when it comes to art!

Stained Waltz

Anguished Immortals- Book Three, An Angel’s Pride and Angst releases on Friday. And tomorrow, Stained Waltz will be free until October 31st!

I hope you enjoy the new art as much as I do. 

*Side note- This was my first attempt to free hand illustrate a scorpion 🙂 *



I do not revel at what I do because I like to brag. My life was at one point, dark, and spiraling out of control.

I like to go over what I’ve done to encourage others. Your destiny…the future…isn’t set in stone unless you want it to be.

Yesterday, I was talking about my eight years as a professional writer with a family member. You don’t really think too deep about it. Whether your career has gone well or your books get no play…you are indeed in the entertainment business. 


From the very beginning, I saw it was a cesspool of the absolute worst types of people…with the worst types of intentions. Not all writers were money hungry…some knew they had a craft to perfect. But a large majority wanted to make movies and be rich-copying off of novels that already hit the big screen…and honestly didn’t do that well.

As I sorted through the regurgitated nonsense and waste, I realized I was better working alone, rather than wading through what I considered to be high school all over again.

I realized in a still, small moment…that being rich (especially only after publishing ONE book) wasn’t realistic…and to stick to lengthening my career…broadening my skill and learning how to digitally illustrate. 

The very last part I mentioned took me six months to learn…and about six years to master. I have learned almost every medium known to man, and digital art took my breath away. I wanted my illustrations to pop, because I knew scanning my pencil on paper illustrations wouldn’t be professional enough. The cost of acrylics, and canvas was extreme, and I didn’t have the space. Not to mention, someone would have thrown my art out in anger.

During late 2012, I kept looking for artists who could help, but none could seem to either keep their word…or had good enough work. Finally, my best friend told me that since they are my characters…do so myself. *By “good enough”, I mean…fandom art…illustrations styled similar to DC ® or Marvel ® characters *

November, 2012, I ended up with my earliest digital pieces that were a big hit. I actually illustrated them on an iPhone 3gs at the time! That soon progressed to a Kindle Fire HD 7″…which I had for a short while. I use the app Sketchbook Pro. 

I would like a bigger drawing board LOL but I think 15″ is fairly good, considering.

I’ve said all that to say…what is the point of making a movie right after you publish a book if you’re not willing to see a path in front of you? Perhaps walking said path, too? It has been an incredible journey! (Which I’m sure isn’t close to being over yet) My art, which I fought with myself so much…turned out to be a big hit. Remember, my art is on clothing and pillows. And my writing, which I was always wary about, did well with all audiences…even with those who didn’t like SciFi/Fantasy.

The fruits of my labor revealed themselves in July 2018, and a more sophisticated and broadened fame came with that as well. 2019 was quite a year, as a lot of you know. I finished The Dirty Deities, and landed a movie deal. 

Amazing, right? It isn’t even close to being over, or to be honest…beginning. I recently told some ❤ that my book hasn’t even reached a crescendo yet. 

It has been a very hard journey though. I’m glad I was naive in the beginning, and kind of got that out of my system, because if I hadn’t, I don’t think I would have made it far. I wouldn’t have seen as much…or understood anything.

That is why I like to tell my story. If it glitters, it’s not gold. If it is ever easy…it isn’t worth it. I stand next to that statement, and will continue to do so. 

I am not near the summit, yet, is my point. 

And yes, my career was thoroughly plotted out as I went along. One goal will always remain…to finish. 🙂

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