November 2nd-November 8th 2020 Reading – Ready Your Belief!


What a perfect set of cards to draw this week.

A lot are viewing our lives as absolutely terrible. I know our lives have been like this the entire time, we’re just now seeing how much we’ve been deceived.

Now is definitely the time to embrace what you’re capable of. Your future is not set.

Religion is a good example of crowd control. If you tell your child not to do something, that’s parenting. If you tell a group of people not to do something…it’s mind control. While parenting borders mind control…it’s also a child we’re dealing with and not a room full of sheep like adults.

It had been done so much to a point that people either lived or died by the bible. I believe calling it the word of “God” is a bit much, considering the text has been edited over and over again.

We are in the age of Aquarius. That means sink or swim. It also means that those who awakened and ascended are in the right place at the right time. You decide how your day will be…whether it be the weather, finances, clothes…even lack of sleep. It isn’t up to anyone else unless you allow them to enter that domain with you.

Before I go further, and probably into an entirely new blog, today’s reading is about Belief.

My greatest example is that of child like faith. They believe anything is possible. Until an adult tries to tell them otherwise. Why? Children are the purest beings on the planet…and…prior to the age of Aquarius (The Age of Pisces) adults we’re forced to stop using what connects them to the source. 

We are more willing to use something someone else created…for us. Let that sink in.


Heart Chakra comes first, reminding us that loving deeply and unconditionally-meaning…loving all flaws, issues, perfections and so on…supports harmony. This is the same when it comes to manifesting. You have to accept the good, the bad and the ugly.

Next is the Crown Chakra, and what a wonderful card to pull. Your Crown Chakra allows you to connect and see the Universe in ways a simple minded adult could never fathom. Tap into it. Is your Crown Chakra blocked? Ask a professional…or if you are seasoned enough…to cleanse your chakra. Imagine a waterfall cleansing you from top to bottom. In this case, you can’t clean only one, as all will need attention. But it is a good place to start.

Lastly, we have Belief. Why go all this way to love with compassion and empathy, understand your connection…and respect your imagination? Your thoughts, your ideas…especially creatives and gifted individuals…is from the Source. The Source is not running any country’s government…or singing songs about their genitalia. 

I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s reading! And I hope it encourages you to press forward. Create the reality you want and deserve. It’s no one else’s job but yours!

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