Why the Presidential Elect Doesn’t Matter


    Did you know…that it doesn’t matter who the president is? Especially now.

    I will give two short guided reasons as to why it really doesn’t matter.

    Ever hear of a split House? The terms means there’s just as many Dems vs Republicans. In recent years, when issues or bills needed to be presented, the House reps especially, fought more so than came to solutions.

    It seemed nerve racking, but in actuality…it was a good thing. If I recall…President Obama was in office. 

    Now you’re thinking…it sounds like you’re not Democratic. Well, Democracy stems from Greece and Rome…as do all their traditions. Before I lash out and draw further attention to myself, I will simply state that what the priests of the Roman Catholic Church do…has been habitual for thousands of years.

Chew on that.

    Because names and words have more value than we realize, idealisms, rituals, beliefs, everything from that word is passed down…generation after generation. That includes usurping the average American’s rights without them knowing.

    Republicans…an easily broken down word…means “for the public.” Now, the media has spent a lot of time tearing Republicans a new one, but as a Conservative myself, I will defend those that I can. 

    Firstly, you can’t build a public up…by giving them shallow guidelines and rules that only benefit the politician. For example, Socialism is a watered down version of Communism. When you separate groups and give them rights, people begin pushing against each other like its Running Man, the movie.

    It isn’t, as we all have our own personal journeys. But that’s how most democracies are run. False beliefs allow those in charge to do more. Even if it means kidnapping innocent children, and pretending like that isn’t a thing. 

    Separating groups also brings in financial guidelines. So those who think they’re poor…are just humans getting stepped on (or buying $2500 handbags that don’t actually make you rich…) If you believe what you see or what you’re told, you will forever be what you are being fed. Recall back to my blog on the use of words. (insert blog)

    Suddenly, you realize how unimportant it is to be rich, as life is a spiritual journey. (We are now happily moving on to better subjects!)

    Earth is an ethereal plane devised to be like heaven, therefore the suffering we’re enduring are one of two or three things. 

    It’s definitely a test. Do you need an iridescent Lambo? Absolutely not. If you earn it…that’s up to you. But it shouldn’t be a life goal. 

    However messed up you believe politicians can be…if you know someone is possibly possessed by an ancient being who actually practiced child sacrificing and consumption…doesn’t mean it’s okay for you to O.D. off of drugs, or steal from people who love you. 

    But those in charge have set those guidelines in place. So while they’re pretending not to have the shakes on camera because of their secretive issues that probably have nothing to do with the side effects of medicine, you can feel bad for making bad choices.

    Stand aside for a minute, if you can, and evaluate your day before you step outside. Remember what you own, how you got to that point…your job…the clothes on your back and the food in your fridge. Recall how you get to work daily, the things you can do to stay healthy…even your race and ethnicity. Think about your family, and people who you love and make you happy.

    These are things that tip the scales when it comes to balance. You do not live in despair because someone thought it would be cool to make you suffer. You rise above.

    However, this type of knowledge, including the spiritual journey and the ability to manifest…was turned into a shit show. People were being told what to do by religious leaders, and actually believing them. When, in reality, they were being brainwashed so they could be used further. So manifesting…curing yourself…being yourself…in some cases was considered witchcraft.

    If Susie “the witch” cures Manor the guy with the cuts…using lavender…she gets burned at the stake. But the dirty old priest, who’s been touching boys and possibly sleeping with other priests…opens an ancient text that’s been edited and cures an entire congregation…and no one bats a lid? How long was that supposed to fly?

    The age of Pisces is over, thankfully. We are now in the age of Aquarius…and let me tell you….that veil keeping us from the Spirit World’s oddities is gone. Anyone who has awakened…and ascended is technically here to help humanity (ascendant beings).

    SO! All this political mumbo jumbo actually doesn’t matter. If you haven’t ascended or you don’t have activated abilities…you’ll still be just fine. But this crowd control concert has ended. 

    This is why it doesn’t matter who’s in office. The Universe does what the Universe wants. It does not need anyone’s say so….and it’s obvious some will NEVER learn that lesson. Your job in existence is to allow the Ebb and Flow to show you the way. Listening to man is the worst thing you can ever do. 

    I am only here to show you…but I cannot make you. It is your personal journey, so you don’t have to believe me or what anyone else will say.

    But, you will see more in your life this during this time in history…than any of us ever has.

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