The Dirty Deities 2, and Some Other Stuff


It is official! I am four chapters into writing The Dirty Deities 2: Mist in Our Eyes.

I am not giving away the plot yet, as it is still thickening. What I can tell you is…there is art work…and so far it is phenomenal. I have to illustrate about 6 to 7 new characters for the novel, but I am currently working on what I’d like to use as the book cover! *pictures included*

I have several other projects floating around, and I am glad I chose this. However, I won’t be rushing to finish this novel or publish it by year’s end. It will definitely take me a while because I am consecutively illustrating and writing at the same time. 

When I am close to being done, I will post a preview of the novel. And of course, continuously harass the followers of my website until it’s release!

This will be the final chapter in The Dirty Deities series, however, this novel will be fairly lengthy because of everything included in it.

I am so excited!


I recently came across new comments! I am so sorry I missed some of your responses to my blog The Breakdown of Words, My Theory on Germs, and Why Words Should Be Dissected!

It is a pivotal…yet extremely controversial blog that I have to admit…is not for the faint of heart. I include how words have been moved around to manipulate masses…my idea on what germs really are…and why you should learn how to break words down for the sake of your own sanity.

To be honest, I wrote the blog in a fleeting moment of my incredible genuis…posted it…and completely forgot about it. That explains why I missed so many comments. It seems the comments came three months after the article was posted!

My goal is to speak the truth, so seeing that my words have impressed and touched so many, truly makes me happy. 

Prior to that blog, people were commending me on the way I write, haha. Now I’m being told my work is impressive, flat out. So that makes me glow with joy. You never know, and should not anticipate praise. But perhaps, just write and see where it takes you.

This is probably my biggest issue with other writers-namely not to scold…but more so direct. Writing is an art. You are limiting yourself by competing with others, as we have our own realities to manage. Manage your own.

Or, perhaps your reality is gray, dull and becoming a void? Who’s problem is that? Surely, not mine or anyone else’s.

Write…because it is a dying art. Words are far more captivating than the human race likes the give credit…due.

Write…because imaginations are the SOURCE of CREATION…and words are a way to express our realities…to encourage the surrounding populous. That is why I write.

The determining factor is in your existence, whether it is melancholy or sublime…is the type of effort you put into minding your imagination. Feeding it requires constant creation. Do not concern yourself with the symmetry of your characters faces, do not compare your music to other artists. Breaking things down doesn’t not build other things up. The stability of existence is focused on the basis of constant creation.

Correct me when I’m wrong, but I’m fairly certain forming galaxy…or newly made ones do not either boast or compare themselves. Why? You’re a new galaxy, serving the purpose of allowing a group of individuals invade your “space” so they can survive, thrive and create more…

Don’t take it there. Stay in your lane.

As always, thanks so much for reading! I am truly honored so many of you come across my articles, read them and enjoy them! 

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