November 9th-15th Reading- The Spread of Joy!


This week’s reading focuses on experiencing joy…and spreading that feeling around.

Have you accomplished something great? Tell someone! Why? This helps people see the possibilities life holds, even when someone tries to make it seem like your life means nothing. *For example, the supposed Covid-19…as if your life just stops because of fear*

And no, life does not stop. The universe didn’t halt because the Earthy humans decided to create madness. Find the little things in this life that bring you joy. I guarantee…spreading that warmth will make a huge difference!

Our first card is Delight. As previously discussed. Feeling immense joy and happiness opens the door to so many possibilities! 

A great comparison to this is believing money opens the door to everything. And while money does open a few doors…an abundance of joy is brighter than the brightest sun. Find reasons!

Health! Being alive! Being able to do ANYTHING! Remind yourself of where you are in life!

Pairing alongside is Integration. It is a much more serious card, but in order to thrive, we also need to accept the balance of things. This is a great lesson in transmutation. Recognize both the negative and positives aspects in life…but manifest through positivity. Acknowledge your flaws and strong suits. You are a mix…a balance. And this is how you obtain joy! 

Lastly, Communication tells us to run it through our heart. Have you ever felt your heart break? Or…fill with joy? You’re not imagining things. You should take news accordingly, but remember to center yourself before reacting. Whether it is great news…or bad news…mull things over.

Remember to move with grace in the balance of life, as both good and bad always exist. 

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