This blog is being posted a few days earlier because I felt I was a little behind.

I lost access (briefly) to my Facebook page, and since I have a schedule and priorities when posting, I did not share my work. I am glad my page is safe and sound, and can now show you my best art to date.

This will undoubtedly be the cover art for The Dirty Deities: Mist in Our Eyes. Right as I finished my work, the charging port for my laptop loosened. There is no way to fix it, as the middle screw…the very last screw…had already been stripped. So I couldn’t fix the issue myself. 

Nevertheless, I own a tablet! Lol but even still, electronics are a nuisance! 

Now, a lot of you will notice the difference between the first book’s cover art and this one is completely different. The idea was to make Alana and Shawn Delgado appear as “gods” to us normal, minded Earthies. So, similar to past paintings from the greatest, but they’re floating in space-which now makes it beyond epic.

I have a handful of character portraits to add to the collection, which will mostly include new characters. This may also include Dale Chen, The Dirty Deities on board alcoholic medic. He’s secretly my favorite character because he’s based off of a real Thai alcoholic! 

Judging from the cover art, I’m sure a lot of you can possibly piece together the outcome of this novel. Or, you’ll be pleasantly surprised. 

Admittedly so, I wasn’t anticipating more work. But, I also enjoy what I do!

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