I typically post on social media (TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, blah blah blah) but I receive more attention on my website than all places combined.

I am fully aware of the capacity of my fan base, which I successfully obtained by myself with my clothes on. But I feel statistics even on my website are to get individuals to buy packages they don’t need.

Either the people will hear you or they won’t, point blank. It is easier to post on a site that is strictly about my work…and doesn’t have MY fans looking at ads for bullshit they don’t need.

The basis of my work is to positively influence others, and social media outlets such as Facebook and Instagram fill your pages with fluff and fuckery.

Since I am an entity, it makes more sense to operate on my own as much as possible.

You will see more books ads, alongside blogs and photos, which will be placed on Gorgeous Blurbs.

I feel, unless I’m hurting someone or trying to get you to sell your soul, there’s no reason this shouldn’t work! I am excited and am glad to be taking this next step in my career.

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