November 23rd-November 29th Reading: Healing is Possible

All of a sudden, it seems the world is ending…again. 

Catching the running theme? The things occurring are because people are allowing their realities to be controlled.

I’m not sick. Neither is anyone in my family. How bad is it, really? 

It’s up to you to decide the seriousness of this. 

The cinch of light? There is always a solution. Try a gluten free diet, eat more fruits and veggies and consume things that help filter the body…like teas, coffee and ginger.

You’ll come to see that madness spreads because some in the world enjoy it.


Today’s reading seems like a bit of an oxymoron, but I’ve learned to trust what The Universe tells me.

Our first card is Healing. I understand what’s going on outside may seem like it leaves little room for that, but in actuality, you can heal right now. The key word here is intrinsic. This means it’s already inside of you to heal yourself. 

Spending time with those we love is a great way. Make sure everyone is in good health. If not, check in with family and remind people how to keep themselves healthy. 

Dynamic reminds us that life is lived in layers, which means realities can spontaneously occur or cease to exist. That is to suggest it is ever evolving, so it will not cease. 

Which simply means it isn’t as dark as someone is trying to make it seem.

Lastly, Allowance sums this reading up very nicely. No matter what happens, don’t look too deeply into it. In fact, accept what you’re seeing and allow the Universe and the Source to do its part. You will never be wrong in doing this. 

You can always find the weekly reading on Infinite Iridescence

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