Short Story Contest

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I have featured The Seventh Level, from Erin Bailey is a Time Lord on Something or Other Publishing. The entiee novel is a mash up of short stories, because thats how the story was originally featured on the unethically attained Omni magazine which is now something else because they got caught! (Look up Jared Leto, Penthouse Magazine and Omni)

Cast your vote! If anything, this will help extend my reach! It is exciting, and seems only a certain amount of votes are needed.

If the featured synopsis does well, there’s a chance it will be featured in Something Or Other’s anthology. Very exciting!

Here is the synopsis featured-

“No matter your power, abuse of it not only affects everyone else, but the person wielding it.

Erin is slowly accepting this, sitting on a newly created planet where evolution has been exponentially sped up because of his mistakes-and his existence. 

As the errors of his ways unfold before his eyes, he’s also reminded of why he fled there in the first place. In an effort to keep a step ahead of The Time Travelers Association and Committee, Erin crash lands on a planet ruled by another version of his lover Cassandra, The Grand Anomaly.

However, he quickly learns it is yet another loose end as he attempts to circumvent her kisses and the truth.”

Vote here

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