November 30th-December 6th Reading- Breathe, Change is Coming!


And…breathe. I hope these readings help you. The holiday season has begun. 

Don’t let this bring you to your knees. You have the option of living a stress free life…or one filled with panic and chaos.

What needs to be understood more than anything is what happens with the energy you put out. Negative or positive…both manifest and flourish. Both effects will be your fault. (Or graces!)

So, think about how you’re handling information you’re receiving. You are the source of your own madness…or peace. 


Today’s reading is beautiful. It speaks more of relationships, whether romantic of platonic. 

Delight reminds us to love every aspect surrounding us, good and bad, as it harmonizes the balance we need.

Next is Change, reigning in strongly. A lot of you will be taking huge steps in the next few days (this also includes me!) These steps will pave the way for great things!

Lastly is Integration. There again, showing us that connectivity and balance are needed to thrive. You cannot have one without the other. 

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