I am an Entity…You are Stardust

Someone smaller is always attempting to usurp someone bigger, at least in their mind. For whatever reason, mankind feels the need to have what others have. Thusly, a lot do not think for themselves.

I’ve realized my reach is greater than a lot of these wanna be publishing houses. And I can easily outdo your average publishing house  -slave house print presses. 

While it seems ideal to write, publish and sell millions, I feel the lot of you don’t deserve it. You want to get to the destination, but not go through the journey. When publishing houses have fewer followers than authors, its time to question who’s over who. 

I’m watching a new wave of writers and publishers alike, all of them trying to embrace the ever growing need of Scifi, Fantasy and possibly Metaphysical works. No one is writing because it’s in their making, they’re doing it because they want to be rich. 

I overcame that madness back in 2012 and I can’t account for anyone else but myself. But…none of those authors who were writing back then actually made it. I could very well be seeing the same authors from eight years ago. Good for you! Not giving up on someone else’s dream! 

There are a handful of blogs where I am critiquing your idea of fame and fortune. I know it may not change, but hopefully, I do plant a seed. As a publishing house, you are technically an authority over manuscripts…someone writers look up to. Not of complete and utter bullshit that can be sniffed out a mile away. 

Of course, you won’t hear me when I say you’ve been lied to. You’ve got to be a special breed to write books and become rich. It isn’t for everyone-get over it. Furthermore, being rich only means you have earned monetary gain and your poop is still awash with funk. Better your attitude improves in life, as money doesn’t mean anything. 

I’ll say this, and you won’t like it. I am beyond this world and your idea of life. I’m not a giant, and I don’t operate like your average human. I am an entity, but I prefer to move in silence so I don’t step on toes or hurt anyone’s feelings. I can’t be understood or handled. Unless you mirror my soul and mind exactly, you’ll build me up as an impossible mass that moves like the speed of light. 

And none of what you can muster up in thought, that you assume is catalytic to the opposition of myself…is a mere attempt to exist. 

Life goes on if you fail. Don’t let someone else’s dream rot your soul. 

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