December 7th-6th Reading- Leveling up on Love


True love, whether between friends or a romantic partner, never fades. I’ve come to learn that distance, lack of communicating, and other events may strengthen bonds between two individuals who have grand souls. 

As an example, the person I’m with and I communicate briefly during the day. But almost everyday. I say good morning, he attempts to reply while he’s working. For a while, I wasn’t sure how to approach that. Oftentimes, he is very tired. Until one day, I realized he would send a video directed towards me, and how he felt about whatever it was I was doing at the moment. 

I would light up like a star and there wasn’t much you could tell me. Shortly after my discovery, I saw a better view and had greater appreciation for his efforts.

Today, I realized how true that is. Someone who I adore…and haven’t been communicating with…invited me to their virtual wedding ceremony. It has been nearly six years…maybe even eight. 

Love knows no bounds. It will be captured properly and then properly given back. And love creates. Remember that! 


Today’s reading definitely speaks of love. Some of you might actually be transitioning in your relationships, or starting new ones! 

Whichever it is, Miracle supports your beliefs. Never leave how you feel about the outcome of your life to someone else-even your partner. Believe in the absolute impossible, and go after those thoughts. Manifesting positivity in love is the best way to get amazing results. 

Divine Feminine reminds us to respect all aspects of love. To nurture it, love it and care for it like a child. By doing this, you allow even more growth.

Lastly, Coherence comes in like a stabilizing glue. You should operate on one accord, as a whole. It enhances the experience on a more spiritual level…and opens the door for better understanding. 

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