As Vast as Can be Imagined

Happy is the word! Nay, ecstatic! 

There is a preview available for The Dirty Deities: Mist in Our Eyes, and I cannot wait for you to read it.

This is a fairly emotional passage that’s being shared. It was plucked from Chapter 7, As Vast as You Can Imagine. 

Without giving anything else away, this preview gives a glimpse of why Shawn Delgado was in such a hurry to run from Manifesto as much possible. It took him nearly 3,000 years, so not fast enough!

It is a version of the entity we haven’t seen, and it was definitely needed. Closure is the running theme for this book. 

I truly hope you enjoy what I’ve shared. I still do not know when the novel will be finished, or published for that matter.

I want to thank everyone who has read the preview, as well as others who have been commenting on previous blog posts, and sharing my website with the world! 

According to a few of my recent visitors, my website has shown up on Stumbleupon aka Mix. I am grateful for that opportunity, as I was unaware how far my reach is.

Please continue sharing and reading, as I will continue creating! 

Check out the preview here As Vast as Can be Imagined

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