When You’ve Nailed It



Don’t you love it when you’re right? 

It is a sad plane we live in, people are so easily fooled into believing anything. Money makes the way a bit easier, but who has cash to dole out as such? 

I mightily stated I felt Facebook and its other apps were full of shit. Considering I reached over millions of people, by myself AFTER having paid for advertising (therefore, ceased) and gaining a fan base. 

Then, I see my website stunting better without social media’s help. Made me wonder sorely. I love it when I’m right. I’m glad I made the choice to stick to my website. 

I’m sorry for those who believed the lies they were fed. But I’m also not sorry for anyone trying to get rich off of writing poorly crafted novels, or whatever crap you guys come up.

So, I suppose this is a lesson to everyone? Or even better…the next stage of bullshit rolls along, you’ll be right there, waiting for the shingles to fall…doing the same dumb things over and over again. 

I’m going to keep it blisteringly really, because it’s absolutely ridiculous. People are getting famous for looking at stupid videos and being cute. Do I sound jealous? I’m making a point. 

Our society is wrapped around people getting paid for doing nothing. Being rich means buying expensive bags you don’t need. The average idiot thinks money in your bank account is better than your net worth.

And everyone wants to be rich! Why? What reasons have you come up with that seem legitimate as to why you should be trusted with large amounts of money? 

The idea of being wealthy is to help others. You should be a guide, not a gloating piece of shit. You would be paving a way, even if someone who admires you doesn’t get to your level, they have a sense of contentment knowing someone with money and success sees what it is there here for. That is beyond everyone’s comprehension and I know it. But it needed to be said. 

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  1. Simon says:

    Well said…. 🙂

    1. The Gorgeous Nerd says:


  2. Jamesdab says:

    Первейшее что хочу всем вам подать идею посмотреть онлайн-проект мама и сын. Только тут найдутся видосики при участии восхитительных матерей. Потому что постель с этими опытными дамами не в силах променять ничто, похожее чувство бешеного удовлетворения не найти.

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