December 14th-20th Reading-Manifest, Receive, Celebrate!


You look at the horizon and wonder how can anyone be happy during times like these. Then, the sun rises. As it always does, each and every day.

Even if it doesn’t, and we all perish…everything will be just fine. Live in the now, not what has been presented to you, that’s always been a distraction and fleeting.

Focus on all you have, what you can do, and how awesome a good hug feels. Oftentimes, vaccines, viruses and social media take the spotlight to distract from what is really important…that is your soul and its connection to The Source. 

Your soul, its health, your chakras…your connection…are far more important than a supposed life saving vaccine. 

Your soul is infinite, as is The Source. 


Today’s reading is auspicious! The entire reading is focused on a result, meaning this week…great things are starting. 

Whether it be love, finances, health or even your mental state…you are at the light at the end of the tunnel!

Prosperity doesn’t always mean abundance of money or things. This can contribute to all you are. It can include talents, or even sleep! 

More importantly, this heavily coincides with Magic. Where are my true manifesting ascendant beings? Noticed a change in scenery? Things going along faster but better? Thank your wonderful imaginations for that! 

Lastly, Delight reminds us to celebrate EVERYTHING. Often, we fight the good fight and are afraid to believe we can be happy. That is how you manifest negativity into your life! Manifest the result, because you can continue to receive abundance. If it overflows, give some away!

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