December 28th-January 3rd  Reading: Bringing in the New Year with Love


Universal Love is probably my favorite cards in this deck. Just when I thought I had a grasp on love and its concepts, I realized how deep Universal Love is.

It goes beyond the body, and solely focuses on the spirit. That would heavily include your higher self. 

As I came to understand why I kept pulling that card, the beauty from that reality showed itself clear. I couldn’t explain the feeling I received, but it isn’t the same idea of love.

In fact, it’s so deep and transcending, I will spend the rest of my days discovering the many layers, as they continuously unfold and show true.  


It seems love’s been the topic of recent readings. We are all connected, therefore my readings are for you just as much as they are for me. 

Universal Love is first. Its deep, ever changing and ever growing waters reminds us how beautiful the experience is. Despite what’s unfolding around us, love conquers all. 

Next is Gaia, personally touching to me. This card tells a story of what pushes this love further. It also broadcasts on how vastly connected we are to each other. Your inner feelings are outward, so manifest light and love. 

Lastly, Fertility shows us that we are planting seeds. Yes, new beginnings have started. It’s best to make sure your manifestations are properly cared for. That is to have steadfast belief…and to transmute negative energy into light. 

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