I, Before You


I want to see a home I didn’t know I left. 

Brimming with life.

Expressed in words beyond your comprehension. 

I created it, yet, it fascinates me still. 

I belong to it, just as much as it belongs to me.

My lover reigns over me in every way.

Literally, as he controls the tides.

Effortlessly, as I am searching for his love through the heavens. He is the sky.

His energy abides.

I love that part. 

I am touched, moved, loved.

But I miss him and my home.

The sea.

I misplaced it in order to be reborn.

You have laid waste to your survival. 

Squandering your hope for seconds of fulfillment from others creations meant to last only an instance.

My sea came before you, as I came before it.

And as I came before this world.

Because of that, I birthed this place.

From the cusps of my wishes.

Not to be disturbed. 

But, alas.

However, I am back.

My lover residing nearer than ever.

This time, the tides will change, revealing my bare body to his decadent skies and moonlight.

To hit reset.



So you may find peace.

Instead of isolation in idiocracy, diseased wants, empty needs, and deceitful wishes. 

The time has come. These shores will be clean.

© Copyright 2021 JCS

All rights reserved. You may not use or reproduce by any means including graphic, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, taping, or by any information storage retrieval system without written permission of the publisher. The only exception is using brief quotations embodied in critical articles or reviews. All characters and instances are fictional, so the likeliness of actual events or similar people is pure coincidence. Check out more from JCS the-jcs.com. Visit her Facebook and Instagram page by searching @thegorgeousnerdjcs. And follow her on Twitter @gorgeousnerdjcs. 

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