January 11th-17th 2021 Reading! Manifest What You Know You Deserve


Grand Rising! I apologize for missing the first week of the year. A lot of chaos erupted from a family member, and damage control was needed! 

Nevertheless, I ultimately learned a valuable lesson, as I cut ties with someone I thought cared for me. 

We are too willing to accept what feels like love, when we deserve what our mind and hearts desire. 

Oftentimes, settling keeps us in a place where we cut ourselves off from manifestation. The greatest example I can give you is my career. I wanted…deeply to make a movie from one of my books, and I will be doing just that. I wanted fame, and I have it. Fortune? No brainer!

We should do the same for peace, love and equality. Having standards simply means you love yourself too much to be strung along. You are not for everybody. You will thrive by the side of the man/woman who deserves you.

To others, it will sound like a fairy tale. But being programmed has those effects!


Today’s reading is simple but elegant. It speaks of a state of mind we are weaned from as we begin to mature. Never lose your childlike faith!

Conception reminds us to bring our imaginations to our origin. Where we exist, on this plane. The possibilities are endless, and the outcome is up to you.

Emergence guides us to remembering to have that childlike faith. Children know what they can achieve, and seemingly do so. They can’t be told no, and that attitude helps manifestations thrive.

Lastly, the Sacral Chakra pegs this reading perfectly. You have to go with the flow, especially when manifesting. Even though things are moving a lot faster, being stale is still a thing. Relax, allow, create! These are great ways to allow abundance into your life. 

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