Update on Projects

Mist in Our Eyes, commissioned 6″x4″ print. Price range $450-$600

    At the beginning of the year, I discovered a trine planetary conjunction, following last year’s conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter.

    As fascinating as it sounds, I took into consideration the last time this occurred. Early 2016, there was a major planetary conjunction. That same year-I rose to fame worldwide and furthered my career in ways I had only imagined. Now that I know the signs, I can openly tell you to get ready.

    This year will be great for a lot of people. You need to take your life back into your hands. What you’re seeing on the news and on social media has been created to control you. It doesn’t have a point, other than to keep you from seeing the truth and what you’re capable of.

    Although I have a handsome net worth and I’m waiting to be paid for my script, I still have things to do and take care of. I started my year off with running into one of Denver’s top EDM djs AND someone who requested a six foot by four foot poster of one of my recent works.

    I have, this entire time, been positive, content and patient. So my outlook is completely different from everyone else’s. It doesn’t mean I am ignoring the bad things happening, it means I am acknowledging it by unerstanding why it’s happening, my place in this…and then I go on about my business like it isn’t a real thing.       

    Your reality will be basis of what you make it. When you allow others to control your reality, then bad things happens. Energy is constantly dispursed from you and everyone else, so the best way to avoid this is keeping your vibrations high…and that means not accepting negative news. You can acknowledge it, like I’ve said, but anything further means you’ll be trapped.

    I like relaying this information because it needs to be said. I hope it helps!



    Editing and illustrating has begun! I have a large print (previously posted) that I have to get done, but I do have some good news.

    Firstly, I will be releasing The Dirty Deities- Mist in Our Eyes on the first day of spring. Secondly, I will releasing two older projects titled The Prism Elite and The Book of Tobias. That means more illustrations! These release dates are yet to be determined! 

    I am a little torn between where Mist in Our Eyes should go, since I have someone willing to buy the print outright. Usually, my prints end up on Vida, but I may keep this one as exclusive as possible because of the desire for the art. Makes it all the more special!

    In the future, I may have the art on shirts. But for now, I think I will hold off. 

    Just as a reminder (simply because I noticed file downloads from certain pieces of art) there will be close to 8 new illustrations surrounding the second Dirty Deities. It’s probably going to take me a while to avoid eye strain, a thing I do to myself. Absolute madness. 

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  1. Simon says:

    Glad to see your work is well received. Your work on shorts would be cool 🙂

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