Zodiac Comparisons of J.C.S.’ Main Characters

It is no mystery that my characters come in pairs. Usually, there is an additional friend or even another couple involved in the story. Typically, the focus is obvious.

Anguished Immortals was definitely a reach for me. For both Azrael and Enyo, the narration was in third person. Editing was a hassle, but in the end, I enjoyed the split perspectives. Azrael was the hero, and Enyo was there to be saved-however…level headed and loved by the Archangel of Death.

I took it a step further with Bleeding Stars and Paper Hearts, the narration was still third person. The setting was much more abrasive and nearer to our times. While Azrael was willing to do what was right no matter what, Brandon the angel of war, only thought of himself. So much, that his obsession needed saying, that being Adrianna. Enyo was more submissive while Adrianna did things her own way. She had to in order to survive.

I marveled at the transformation of my writing, and focused on emotions when I started and completed Erin Bailey is a Time Lord. It seemed fitting, giving the fact that Cassandra was literally there to help fix a mess she had nothing to do with. All the while, making her probably the most submissive woman from all of my novels. 

Erin, of course, shouldn’t be viewed as a hero in anyway. He is definitely terribly self centered, given that sold out his best friend in order to make a point. It was tough to write, but everyone is capable of great or evil.

Out of all the male characters I’ve created, Shawn Delgado is by far my favorite. 

The toss up right now is…which zodiac sign would he represent? Astrology is an important part of my life and I thoroughly enjoy knowing more about people, even through the stars. 

I originally assumed he could possibly be a Leo, but, he has other characteristics and qualities that shine through like a Capricorn. Caps are one of the most mysterious zodiac signs. They are cold, hard working and almost emotionless in some cases-unless they’re in love. 

This would suggest Alana is possibly a Taurus, which would make them a perfect couple. These are theories, but it was on my mind. 

It’s possible all pairings are either Tauruses and Capricorns, especially Azrael and Enyo. However, Erin and Cassandra would be Sagittarius and a Taurus, possibly on the Aries cusp! (The more you know)

Adrianna moves more like a true Aries, as she was created to not be as submissive. Alana, if you keep in mind, was on her own before Shawn technically saved her. 

So it is interesting. I plan on making The Dirty Deities the next film I do. As mysterious and quiet as Capricorns can be, I know first hand what it’s like being in a relationship with them.

Firstly, they do quietly become obsessed with the person they’re in love with. They won’t tell you, even after months of being together. But they stand steadfast and never break. They’re typically very hard working, and if you’re fortunate to be a housewife, you will not go without. 

However, when the relationship seems to be fading, they act as if it shouldn’t. This was a trait I just so happened to give The Delgado. It is interesting because there wasn’t much Shawn could do to help Alana, but he still wanted to be with her. He did not make it clear at the beginning, that he had no intent of letting her slip away. Eventually, the truth was revealed that during the time he should have turned Alana in, he instead fell madly in love. There is no other zodiac sign that I know of that would do that…except a Capricorn. 

It makes them seem difficult and indifferent. But they would rather play it safe…by saving the girl and keeping her that way.

I guess, you can research what pairs do well with each other. I, myself, am still researching it because I often come across jaded individuals, or those who are just dark. I know a lot of individuals have misplaced value on the stars, as they feel its a generalization.

So, I’ll give you a little insight on myself. You can say I called it 🙂

My birthday is April 17th. I am at the beginning of the Aries/Taurus cusp. While I seem to be a hotheaded, stubborn ram…I actually work, move, operate and even love like a Taurus. Aries have a hard time finishing projects they start-Tauruses are very driven and like a challenge. Aries are very selfish in their worst moments, a trait I actually don’t have. (Not saying I don’t do any wrong) I have come across other Arians who I cannot stand.

Another point is, Aries are in and out of many relationships, where as a Taurus wants only one person in their life…if it can be managed. They prefer to stay single, until they feel the right person comes along. However, Tauruses fall hard and fast, so oftentimes, they find themselves falling in love and not seeing the same energy from the other person. Unfortunately, they are stubborn and will either chase or stay in an abusive relationship because they’re convinced their love will save all. Fortunately, being on the cusp has helped me walk away if I don’t feel valued. 

I have a birds eye view when dating! As I’ve gotten older, I’ve learned not to give into too deeply. As many of you very well know, dating now is hard. Everyone has a chip on their shoulder because everyone has been hurt. That’s also only the tip of the iceberg.

Now, though, you see why Shawn Delgado is my favorite. I do enjoy Alana as a main character as well…but there’s something about The Keeper of Life. Just can’t put my finger on it 😉

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  1. Simon says:

    It good to know you make yourself feel valued… keep that up and I like the dimensions you’ve given to your characters 🙂

    1. The Gorgeous Nerd says:

      Thanks, Simon. I appreciate you ❤️

      1. Simon says:

        Thank you, I appreciate that ❤

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