Pssh, Ya I did That


    Where do I begin?

    I have finished the first draft of The Dirty Deities: Mist in Our Eyes. The art for Young Shawn has been receiving a lot of praise….and it isn’t even completed.

    Then, there’s this one part that I’ve had to juggle with. Firstly, I don’t cross paths with people because of luck. The individual who plans events and invites guests, etc., invited me…and has me booked for Denver’s Indie Convention, affectionately named DiNK.

    Yes, you read correctly. This is a new development, but a major one, right? I am still awaiting investors for my film. I will be blunt-Covid-19 wreaked havoc on the film industry. I may have to wait for a while, it may happen tomorrow. But attending a convention as a guest really puts me in the spotlight more than I needed.

    This means a few of my novels will be pulled and edited at least once. More than likely, crowd favorites. This may includes The Dirty Deities, Erin Bailey is a Time Lord, and Bleeding Stars and Paper Hearts-Adrianna is Mine. I’m excited, but I work VERY HARD. So, that should calm me down…enough…haha.

    This also means edits for the second Dirty Deities novel may take longer. Priorities have been adjusted! 

    The questions are going to start rolling in, so let me answer a few of them before you guys get ahead of yourselves.

    Number one question I guarantee will be asked. “I am a writer, and have been professional for years. How did you land a spot at a convention like that?”

    Answer- “It’s my career, so it’s my path. You’re worried about what someone else is doing, which may be why you haven’t seen progress. Why don’t you write…to write. It’s art, and it’s what this world needs right now. Competition turns it into trash, and pursuits of money.”

    Second question, “Who do I talk to be entered into an event like that?”

    Answer- “You mean, how did I get lucky? Let’s keep this 100, it’s what I do. I’m gorgeous, and approachable. But instead of showing my body, or offering up sex….I offer what I do best…and that’s art. I landed the gig out of complete respect for my work. In fact, the fellow who offered it to me said I was remarkable. That means you should be remarkable on your own time.”

    Final question, “You’ve been writing professionally for 9 years, do you feel you’ve done this quicker than others?”

    Answer, “Your path and my path don’t intersect the way you want them to. All I did was work, write, illustrate and never stop. I didn’t pay attention to anyone else’s work and geared all of my attention to perfecting my crafts, building a fanbase, and ensuring my work was good. I’ve taught myself to illustrate digitally. I single handedly ran ads on Facebook, edited, illustrated, and promoted my work elsewhere. It was simply a matter of me knowing if I allowed someone to do all of that for me, I’d still be dragging my feet, questioning if I made the right decisions in my career.”

    I know my honesty oftentimes hurts, but it’s the absolute truth. As always, thanks for reading. Here are a few previews of Young Shawn!

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