The Keeper of Life May Also Be…: Other Zodiac Concepts


    After the recent blog about the theories on my characters, I’m also willing to throw a few other concepts in.

    We dove into, and especially, what zodiac sign Shawn Delgado would be. I picked a rather good sign, but I still feel there’s a possibility Shawn could also be a Leo. I know I struck the idea down, but let’s have a little fun with this.

    I know there’s a generalization oftentimes with zodiac signs, which makes it more mundane than wonderful. For starters, Capricorns shed in good light would definitely match up. But, as arrogant and sometimes overly dramatic Leos can be, it is very possibly that’s what the Keeper of Life is. Making Alana his perfect match-an Aries. 

    Why the change of heart? There’s a huge separating factor that changes the dynamics of their relationship. That is Shawn’s undying loyalty. It is a conflicting concept, given what occurs in the novel. But, a closer bet than the Capricorn.

    Leos have been known to do whatever for their lover, even when the relationship is new. If you’ve read the novel, you know exactly what I speak of. If not, picture this: As soon as Shawn intercepts Reincarnation, he immediately begins showering her with gifts, money and clothing. Despite it being a ploy because he knew of no other way to keep her on board his space craft, studies and my experience suggest that a loving Leo is the possible culprit here. 

    It’s a complicated relationship-one person is deeper in love than the other. It is, in fact, a traditional Aries/Leo union. Aries are always looking for the next best thing…and will go along for the ride. It was until our supposed Leo confessed the truth of his presence. This is when things changed for Alana. Her view point went from someone doting her…to someone who actually cared. Though his way of expressing his emotions was odd, possessive and clumsy…he still did what a good Leo man would.

    Without giving away any more of this magnificent storyline, it’s possible I made an error! Capricorns are hard in the paint loyalists as well, but more prudish…and definitely not as confident as Shawn Delgado. 

Third Theory-

    The main character is based off of my soulmate, meaning, my better half would definitely have to mesh with the ethereal part of my spirit. Since Alana is based off of me, it would still mean it is highly possible she is an Aries on the Taurus cusp…having way more Taurus mannerisms than Aries.

    That would make her compatible with a Pisces, the unsung heroes. I know my fair share of Pisces, both male and female. I was surprised to know how largely attracted I am to male Pisces, just for a generalization. *this novel was written before my discoveries!*

    Despite popular belief, Pisces men can be macho, arrogant, wildly handsome…and even promiscuous! However, if they fall in love…they fall hard…and their love becomes obsessive. In the novel, that is just the thing that is discussed. However hard they love, they will watch and wait…sometimes making their lovers leave, or even betray them.

    Fortunately, a Taurus pairing means she will be loyal, and accepting of whatever circumstances. Until the end of time, because both Pisces and Taurus love their partners about the same. After research over the course of nine months, I realized the two would be considered soul mates!

    It’s exciting being born on a cusp, I actually get along well with just about everyone. Even still, there is a specific type that is meant for me, and I him. This is all for fun, nonetheless.

    When the story was read by my ex, he immediately assumed it was him.

    This next segment is about why it would never be.

Final Theory-

    I see you, Sagittarius, throwing your weight around because you have a hard time loving yourself. Despite being fiery…you are impatient, impulsive, and dishonest. This means you couldn’t function as The Keeper of Life, as you would have to be willing to make a sacrifice beyond your comprehension.

    Though the pairing between of an Aries and Sag seems like heaven, it is truly only carnal. If the woman is on the Taurus cusp, there is a possibility she has more morals that you’re ready for. With that being the case, she won’t condone your behavior. And if you had a role in this story, you would most definitely be Ralden.

    There are better men to be. Ralden, specifically, is a lackadaisical ladder climber. He’s interested in what gets him there faster, not how solid the journey will be. Keep in mind, I speak of those who allow their vices to rule their lives.

    This in mind, you wish to be Shawn Delgado, and you know you’re not enough for Reincarnation. Dangling freedom, and an indiscretion in front of anyone means you’re willing to manipulate the terms of someone else’s happiness and free will just so you can get your way. While it seems you may be a hindrance, you are your own worst enemy in the end.

    Yikes, right? This is why I enjoy writing!

    I hope you all enjoyed these other concepts, and as always, thanks for reading!

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