Nice Try


    So, I recently lost access to my FB fan page. Facebook, of course, won’t fix the issue. Which is fine.

    Here’s why.

    I was averaging nearly one million visitors traffic wise, yearly, without use of Facebooks ads. In addition to that, I’m not overly famous and still managed 55,000 fans all on my own without sponsorships, etc.

    The problem Facebook has with that is simple. I’m not selling my soul.

    Here’s where it gets better, and why I’m not upset.

    I own the domain for this website, which has 59k subscribers! In addition to that, people have been adding me on my personal page…because GUESS WHAT FACEBOOK…you don’t run the world. It looks like I’ll top off 5,000 friends, and will have to add people as followers. Which is exactly what I need at this moment. I knew something like that would occur…and altogether…Facebook still loses.

    (ALSO…those visiting my site share it on Myxer *or Mixer* and tell me everytime the comment on certain blogs)

    If for some reason I change my mind and come to my website, the link is posted damn near everywhere, leading me and others close to me to wonder why put so much effort into slowing my roll when you couldn’t do it in the first place?

    Let’s think back on a few blogs that have been exposing why Facebook, Instagram and even Twitter are successes. There’s also a blog on what’s ACTUALLY going on versus what the news has to say about “covid”. According to Facebook, I violated their terms…even though I didn’t post anything that violated their terms. They weren’t able to show me what it was that was posted, or said. So I have a pretty good idea what’s going on.

    I am a threat. GOOD. Your reign is coming to a close anyway. 

    Intellectual property, on this plane, is the closest we get to viewing the soul. Managing intellectual property means you disregard the fact that thoughts originate from the mind…as the mind is connected to the soul. Controlling the masses through fear, lies, items to consume, but red flagging those telling the truth…and not half naked people on someone’s timeline shows where your values lie. People like to say that it shouldn’t matter, but it actually matters more than most realize. 

    Anytime someone takes information before YOU GET TO SEE IT…and relays it to you…it is for control purposes. When fear, danger, violence, abuse, sickness, illness (*absolute chaos ensues*) You can guarantee there is an agenda at hand.

    We all have the ability to alter our reality. Even if it’s a simple shift-using creamer instead of sugar. But, we aren’t taught that and some still seem to be comfortable with the idea that it’s okay to accept what we’re told. Even though we don’t like suffering. The spirit knows, which is why we feel some type of way when we can’t explain it.

    Someone attempting to slow the roll of someone else who probably won’t stop rolling proves how afraid they really are. Why don’t you just let shit happen and mind your business? Maybe, stop trying to control everything so you wouldn’t be afraid of the consequences you’ll face in doing so? 

    It won’t stop. This is an ongoing battle that a lot of people chose to ignore. But, and I wonder if those trying to pull the strings realize…you are creating balance with your bullshit. It gives the good guys something to do, whether you like it or not. 

    Have fun with that!


Rehearsals and Editing-

    I still won’t be on as much, and I am still rehearsing. I can’t give you a dedicated timeline about all of this. I will be sure to keep everyone updated on DiNK.

    I haven’t edited or illustrated, but it’s also Mercury Retrograde season, so it’s probably best I do none of these things to begin with!

    I currently don’t have further information other than that!

    Thanks for everyone’s support!

One Comment Add yours

  1. Simon says:

    I do wonder why Facebook doesn’t just shut down… it’s old.
    Good luck with all your projects!

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