Weekly Readings are back! Feb 22nd-28th- Age of Aquarius is here!


Today’s reading focuses on change! We are officially in the Age of Aquarius! The shift took place right before the January 30th start of this year’s first Mercury Retrograde. I’m sure you noticed the signs of abundance.

Healing is here to remind us….despite “the powers that be” trying to run the show….your destiny and your reality are yours alone. You can shift energies a lot quicker now….and manifestations and karma are activated instantaneously! Healing is just that! You are what you create in your mind….heal yourself!

Next is Transition. Have any of you reaped your rewards? I most certainly have. I believe we are all one major conscious, and we need to start acting like we attract greatness. This shift is major in every single way. Vaccine or not, your reality is dependent upon how you feel about it!

Lastly is Change, all singing the same tune. Things have definitely changed. I don’t believe people actually think what’s going on is the end! Such powerful energy shifts, planetary trines, full moons and Mercury Retrograde remind us that change takes place even in our sleep! Cast your fears aside, and focus on manifesting the reality you deserve.

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