The New Age


    My blogs have been addressing what’s to come, and it is finally here! The Age of Aquarius will definitely change your pace in life.

    Here’s what you need to know!

    Firstly, this is the age of spirituality and abundance. That means the ways of the old will no longer work for those who either used them to survive or abused them. 

    It also means the conscious mind, as a whole, is going to be restored. It isn’t going to come without a fight.

    The Fifth Dimension is steadily pressing itself into our reality, while “the powers that be” attempt to create one by the use of 5G. There was a massive spiritual awakening in 2017, and a lot of those individuals are thriving. What I will say…is that if you haven’t obtained, managed or realized your potential, it is actually too late. Those who are chosen, are chosen for a reason.

    Religion is no more, so there is no need to throw bible verses at people. Remember, the book itself was edited. The way we think and communicate will wither away as well. So, ideologies about sexuality, as an example, and the roles women play are a thing of the past.

    I know someone who assumes a man will take care of them. But, women are so capable of taking care of themselves. The energy shifts presented here to magnify what you put out. So if you cannot care for yourself, no one will care for you. 

    Marriage will cease to exist (thankfully) Instead, there will be spiritual unions, as ascendant beings are beginning to realize who they are, and what they mean to The Universe. Remember, the Piscean Era was about slavery, work, monetary gain, and words of survival and social standing (rich, poor, working class).

    This age, and the star children who will reset the scales…are here to blow it to oblivion, start new…and start properly. We were not meant to work until we die…and then die in pain with nothing gained. Generation Y and Z are literally here to change the way you thought things were supposed to go-I am so excited!

    However! There are a lot of lost Ys and Zs, as there are from previous generations. So, if you have been chosen…it is because you understand and RESPECT existence.

    While some things will still be here, a lot will die away. And those who created it, or managed it will die away with it. Death…is not a bad thing. It means there are new beginnings to be had. 

    It sounds harsh and unrealistic, but so does working for pay and not being able to afford your rent, or food. Those who can manifest have always been able to manifest. I will go as far as to say…if you cannot create abundance…you do not have permission to.

    I am visited by celestial beings, and was questioned by someone who isn’t. The literal term was, “why not me?” The Universe knows what’s on your mind and heart better than I can tell you. If you’ve been tossed to the wayside, that’s no matter of mine.   

    Energy is moving faster than you can make decisions. I have seen it in action. Where people think words don’t add up to what they can physically manage, the downfall is already upon them. It is best you mind everything about yourself, now is the time to maybe work on yourself.

    While it seems like a great thing to suggest though, from my research and what others I know in the spiritual community have described, you have lost that opportunity, because it was available and given to you multiple times…and probably through many of the different lives you’ve gone through. You were always going to do this.

    I have been attacked with doubt and questions, but all I know is what I’ve been told. If you feel left behind, that is your own doing. Everything religion has taught anyone is a laughing stock, and literally goes against creation in so many ways. Using man edited text to prove a point is for crowd control. You have absolutely no idea what dark entity you’re actually praying to, which explains your failures and why you don’t understand what’s happening.

    In this, though, you can change your ways and accept the fact that you can actually control your destiny. Instead, you may find this passage offensive. But, I am just the messenger.

    The things you thought were wrong, probably aren’t. which means the things you thought were right…are definitely not. The major reason I have to express this to you the way that I am…is solely because when you make a choice…it cannot be taken back, especially when you act upon it and believe you. And when dealing with energy and entities that you are not familiar with…you should choose wisely…

    Blocking your mind off, is blocking your soul off. You are under the impression things should go a certain way, when you learned things incorrectly. When you are shown the right way, or you are corrected, you shun messengers and lessons. Then you become angry and attempt to use “god” or your idea of how things should go. Flowing with The Source, accepting energy, respecting the universe…is the way to go.

    Trying to change someone’s point of view…with a man made god…only sinks you further! I can only relay the message, I cannot make you see or do anything.

    It’s not up to me, so how I view things doesn’t matter. I am only here to do my job!

7 Comments Add yours

  1. Simon says:

    This is profound and powerful stuff, some of this resonates.
    I hope you’re keeping good 🙂

    1. The Gorgeous Nerd says:

      Thanks for reading it! I’m glad you felt this. And I’m well, hopefully you are too

      1. Simon says:

        Thanks in doing good. I hope all your great work is steaming ahead 😀👍

      2. The Gorgeous Nerd says:

        I appreciate it! New illustration coming so far, lol. Hopefully your writing is going well, too.

      3. Simon says:

        It could be doing better to be honest…

      4. The Gorgeous Nerd says:

        I understand. I am behind on editing, lol…well. I don’t know what the issue is, but I bet you’ll sort it out.

      5. Simon says:

        I will… I’ll sort it 😀

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