Your Imagination is Grand

Nyla, by J.C.S.

    Imaginations are amazing!

    Do you remember growing up, how teachers, parents and other leading adults would say that your imagination wasn’t meant for the everyday? It’s funny how wrong that is, considering that we use inventions and tools that came from someone else’s imaginations!

    Since the imagination can be used to do good and bad, take a moment to think about religion, rules, law, history, prisons, schools…even cereal. None of these things just appeared out of nowhere. While history does repeat itself, there is a major manipulation process going on.

    It may very well have to do with the previous age, because The Age of Aquarius is about movement,  so your imagination is needed more than ever. If that part of anyone has been blocked off, the only reason is because they allowed it to be. 

    There’s a theory that fluoride was placed in our water system, and according to research, it creates a crust around our pineal gland. This gland (clearly researched and tested) is where our intuition starts. The funny thing about that is, while the efforts seemed to have worked…what does it say about people who have an open third eye? Can move energy? Manifest without problems? Have a wild and vivid imagination?

    Hopefully, those examples gave you an answer. The loss of your intuition and imagination is your choice. These two amazing features cannot function without the other. Here’s a perfect example of why. You come up with an amazing idea, but you can never put it on paper, or do the bead work for it. All you ever do is dream about how wonderful it is, but can never seem to get off of the ground. At some point in your life, you believed the lies you were fed. Eventually, you begin blaming other people and showing how jealousy isn’t a pretty shade on anyone. 

    Examples of disbelief (universal jealousy) include telling someone they’re going to “hell”, asking if they believe in “god”, suggesting they are lost, and wide range of religious abuse tactics. While it may seem that it went left field, did it ever occur to you…that you’re defending someone else’s creation…and you have no proof of it?

    The imagination is raw, infinite power. Therefore, settling for what you’re told means you disable it over time. One of my friends said this very well- “God is a massive imagination, therefore everyone is connected to it. Which means we all have this power.”

    Power…to create and determine our own destiny. It means we have the choice to listen to the nonsense evil entities try to convey to others in order to control them. If everyone could use their imagination like I do…the world wouldn’t seem like a death trap. 

    The Great Awakening did not occur so you can manifest money, and a nice house. It happened so you could free your entirety. So you could see how grand, vast and amazing your existence is. So you can understand…certain things have been put in place to distract you. 

    I keep hearing this thing about manifesting money. I am fairly certain galaxies don’t have exchange rates. Not only have you been neutered and spade of your abilities…you’re chasing after things that mean nothing in your next life. Since the soul lives forever, and you repeat your actions life times down the way…you should be focusing on raising yourself up…through your mind and soul. Then, you could be raising others up. The answer to the unhappiness you are experiencing isn’t more stuff…or being more beautiful. The answer is managing yourself…reaching for contentment…loving and accepting what the universe has to offer…so you can allow the Ebb and Flow to take over.

    Be breached on your own shores, compared to being thrown from a borrowed vessel. Explore your own lands, to the extent of your will for each breath you take. You have the time to cultivate yourself, as this positive and outward flowing energy doesn’t need to be forced. 

    As always, this is your choice. I cannot force this upon anyone! I can only convey the message. I can tell you what I know, what I see, and to be fair, what you should try to do. But, I am not here to bend anyone’s will, as I am still on my own journey.

    As always, thanks for reading! 

6 Comments Add yours

  1. Simon says:

    Monay is such a meaningless thing and the last year should have told us this… There’s more to existence

    1. The Gorgeous Nerd says:

      A lot of people have been fooled, and they don’t care. I agree with you. Lockdown should have shown people what money can’t do.

      1. Simon says:

        Exactly… The world is still clinging to the old way rather than using their brains, growing balls and breaking away.

      2. The Gorgeous Nerd says:

        A lot of sheeple will simply… die. It is sink or swim.

      3. Simon says:

        There’s an awful lot of them…

      4. The Gorgeous Nerd says:

        LOL unfortunately

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